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Sometimes we crave change in our lives. We rearrange furniture, or we get a new plant for the kitchen window—but sometimes, we need to hit the reset button! If the summer heat has you wishing for a refuge to relax in the air conditioning, you are probably looking at your living room wondering what its potential could be. Before you start your hunt for your next sofa and chair set, check these items off your to-do list!

Purge the Mess

Is there clutter everywhere? Of course, there is—the kids, your spouse, and even you leave things around once in a while. If things don’t have a “place” they can become clutter in a space whether it’s large or small. Take some time to de-clutter, creating piles for “keep”, “donate” or “toss”. If you haven’t used it in over a year, it’s probably safe to say you do not need it. Out with the old and in with the new!

Find the Right Professionals

If you are getting any structural work done, make sure you work with a contractor whose references check out, online reviews are reliable, and that you feel comfortable with the work that they have done in the past. Interior designers and contractors should feel proud to show you their portfolio and references.


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Pick a Color Palate

Choosing colors, you love can help make the space look timeless. Often, people make the mistake of choosing a palate that’s trendy at the time, but in five years looks dated. With gray flooring and shiplap all the rage these days, make sure you are choosing hues you can really live with! Paint chips and fabric swatches are your best friends at this point.

Find Quality Furniture

Great furniture is an investment in your family. If you want pieces that will to stand up to life in your home, find a company with quality pieces that also look great. We recommend you check out England Furniture—their furniture is made right in America and the company has been around for over 50 years. The England Furniture Company is a subsidiary of La-Z-Boy, so you know their pieces are extremely comfortable!

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Make Arrangements for Pets & Kids

Whether you’re painting or moving furniture around, kids and pets should not be in the vicinity. Kids might get hurt around equipment and pets might make a dash for the door while the furniture moving happens. The spring, summer and fall are the best times to redecorate because you’ll want windows open for paint to dry. Still, during these times kids are home from school, so remember to plan ahead!

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