If you want to buy a solar panel, there are some essential factors that you can consider. What you should aim is to buy a  5kW solar system that will offer its purposes to you. However, you don’t only have to know about the solar panel, but also essential to know the equipment that will be used.

So, you have to bear some of these considerations in your mind. When you do so, you will be on a safe side to buy the best solar panel that you need. Here are some of the top things that you must check before you can purchase any solar panel:

  • System Upgrade

If you will compare the prices of solar panels, you also have to ensure that you have compared the specifications correctly. The reason is that these specifications might have to affect your price and quality of the solar panels.

  • Voltage To Use

It is the equipment that you use will make you know the best voltage you need from a solar panel. There is always the common voltage that they have to share. However, the majority of this equipment run with 12V, 24V and 48V inputs. It is therefore easy to match with solar panels in parallel or series configurations.

You might need to also use a higher voltage than 12V because it will be more efficient.

  • Correct Solar Panel Size

So that you can know the solar panel you need, you need to know the energy that you will need from the equipment you use full day. So that you can make correct calculations, you can multiply the total power you consume by 24 hours.

However, you also have to compensate for the potential loss because of wiring and connection resistance. Besides, you can also lose energy through the charging process or misalignment.

  • Warrant

When buying a solar panel, you have to be cautious in regards to what guarantees you get from the manufacturer. When you do so, you have to look for a reputable manufacturer offering substantial warrant.

You can also compare what different manufacturers can offer. So, the best thing is that you buy from the manufacturer offering you the best warrant like 25 years. However, you have to take caution!

  • Product Certification

It is essential for solar panels to be a holistic solution for it to supply the required electricity. So, the system will need an inverter, charge controller, and batteries. It is also essential to balance the solar power system.

  • Power Requirement

When you need to know the power requirement, there are things that you can consider. Start by coming up with a comprehensive list of your electronics that you need to use.

When you have the list, and then decide on the Watts components it uses. You can get all information regarding solar panel on the website of the manufacturer or even the data sheet having a specific product.

Lastly, you have also to know the watts that the device uses. You can then make the necessary calculations.

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