Small Living Room

It is quite frustrating to not have a really huge home. You might have a lot of design ideas for home decorations or decorating hallways, but you can’t make them happen. There is just not enough space for you to do whatever you want. Before you get totally frustrated, the best thing to do is think of it as a challenge and find ways to make the most out of the limited space. The following advice could be of help.

Use mirrors

This is a trick that has been used for a long time and it still works. Mirrors create an illusion of infinity making a room appear larger. Allow natural light to come in as well to add more to the depth. Again, this is an illusion that could magnify the size of a room.

Don’t force a lot of items inside

In as much as you might want to decorate using some cheap home accessories, remember that less is more. By removing items that are unnecessary, the place will look bigger. There are enormous pieces of furniture that look good, but not in your place. Also, imagine if you force that one big item inside, like a huge corner sofa. What else can you fit in if it is already there? Don’t sacrifice the space just for one big item that could easily be replaced.

The only thing you need to remember is that just because you are going for a minimalist touch does not mean the place has to look plain and dry. The idea is to make the most of the usable space without adding unimportant items that have no practical function.

Use curtains as a divider

This is another interior design trick that could work, and make the room look bigger. Curtains help create a more open feel. This allows you to move from one space to another even if the area is already very small to begin with. They are better than a permanent door. It eats up too much space and does not do anything to help improve the overall appearance.

Use multi-functional furniture

You can now buy furniture that can be easily transformed. A television that doubles as a wall painting when not in use is amazing. A sofa that can be transformed into a bed is also useful. Chairs that have removable tops so you can use the entire space inside as a space for your files would also help. There are tons of amazing ideas when it comes to furniture and interior design trends that look amazing and are also practical. They are perfect when you want to overhaul your place; if you’re planning a refurbishment London markets and stores offer some great accessory options, if you live in the area.

With these decorating ideas for living room refurbishment you no longer have to worry about space. If anything, you will feel more satisfied that given the limitations, you have still survived and created a wonderful looking space.




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