Window replacement is an essential exercise in home maintenance. From time to time, your windows will wear out, and you will be required to replace them so that they can serve you efficiently. Damaged or inefficient windows can be a source of heat leakage during winter, and this means spending more in home heating than necessary.

When doing window replacement in Denver, many homeowners ask the question on promotions or discounts from dealers. While this is an important consideration, knowing the timing when it comes to installation is also very important so that you do not miss out on time benefits of window replacements.

The Best Time to Purchase Replacement Windows

It is not unsurprising to come across window installation companies in Denver which operate all year round installing windows in homes. However, the best time to buy replacement windows is usually in the slower seasons which occur in early winter and late fall. Buying replacement windows during this time almost guarantees you huge discounts because the volume of sales in most companies is usually low.

Early Spring

Buying windows in early spring when winter has just passed, and you have known the problems your old windows have is not advisable. This could be anywhere from mid-March to late April.

Early Fall

During this period, temperatures drop for the first time, and many homeowners start thinking about the coming winter. This period falls between September and mid-October.

Since most window companies witness an increase in sales, customers, and general work volume, they tend to be choosy about who they work with, and their pricing is usually very high. Therefore, if you want to replace your windows, never choose early spring or early fall.

The best time to do your replacement is now (mid-November to mid-December). Established companies such as JDI Windows which have experience in replacing windows in Denver advise customers to make their replacement orders during this time to enjoy great discounts. The delays are also fewer in window manufacturing, shipping, and storing because of fewer orders.

Installing Replacement Windows in Winter

The success and longevity of window replacement depend on two main factors: the replacement window quality and the installation. It doesn’t matter how expensive or high-end your windows are, if not installed correctly, water and moisture will enter the walls and destroy your home.

Doing installations in early fall is recommendable, but if you cannot make it and you find yourself right at the onset of winter, don’t shy away from making that service call. It pays to beat the rush and have your windows installed before winter officially begins so that any problem areas can be fixed and sealed well in advance.

Companies that have the right techniques in winter window installations will not have a problem getting the job done. Different homes require different window configurations, and this is why, before thinking about any replacement windows, you need to talk to a replacement expert. Different materials such as vinyl and aluminum react differently when exposed to extreme weather conditions, and this is another reason to engage a window replacement consultant who will advise you on the right material or additional materials you need to buy to make your window replacement winter-proof.

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