So, you want to build a new structure for storage or you need extra garage space for your vehicles, but don’t know where to start? The most common building materials in such cases will usually be wood or steel. But which one is the best depending on your situation? Well, it depends on many factors. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Steel Buildings vs Timber
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Resistance to Extreme Weather

The first thing you have to consider is how well the material can handle the elements. Not all materials are created the same and none can handle all types of weather conditions perfectly. However, there are materials that clearly outperform others in certain departments.

In this case, wood is not always the best choice. It is prone to rotting and can attract insects of all sorts. And if you buy them from a low-quality source, then these issues might be even worse.

Metal buildings, on the other hand, are resistant to bugs and do not rot. You might find a budding wasp nest or a spider’s web forming from time to time, but metal simply doesn’t have as much of an appeal when it comes to insects.


Steel construction is well-known for how affordable it is. No matter the type of building you want to have built, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll always pay less with steel. So, if your main concern is budget, then metal is the material that makes the most sense.

Wooden buildings, on the other hand, tend to be more on the expensive side. Wood is not the cheapest material and you’ll have to be ready to pay the price if you decide to go with this option. Another issue with wooden constructions is that they aren’t the easiest to customize. With steel buildings, adding a few more windows or entrances is a breeze and won’t cost you much. Steel buildings are also much cheaper to install. Companies like SteelMaster will create your metal building kit in-house and deliver it to you, so you can install it yourself if you want; allowing you to cut on installation.


Maintenance is also a crucial element to consider when buying a new construction. You don’t want to have to constantly deal with maintenance every year just for your building to keep its appearance and not rot away. With wooden sheds, you’ll have to reapply paint regularly, especially if you’re living in an extreme climate. You’ll also have to protect it against rotting and bug infestations. Metal sheds are much easier to maintain in comparison and demand little to no maintenance. There is no pest control to worry about and they don’t require that you repaint them. They’re also very easy to clean as well.


As you can see, choosing the right building material can be a challenge. However, with these few simple tips, you should be able to find the right option for you.

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