As a homeowner, there are all kinds of issues and problems you will encounter with your home during your time living there. Your roof is one area that will eventually start to cause you issues if you live in your house long enough. Because roofing isn’t something you want to mess around with, it’s a good idea to be aware of the most common roof problems so you know what to keep your eye out for. When these issues do pop up, you’ll want to call a professional roofing contractor to either come out and make repairs or replace the roof entirely.

Common Roof Problems
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The Shingles are Looking Worse for Wear

Shingles are meant to last anywhere from 10-50 years, depending on the type of shingles that were used. During that time, it’s normal to start to see wear and tear on the shingles, but when should you do something about it?

A good sign that your shingles need repairing or replacing is when you start to see granules coming off and dropping in the gutters or your garden below. If you see them buckling or curling, this is another sign that the damage has gotten pretty extensive. Sometimes, shingles can even come off due to age or poor weather conditions.

The Roof is Old

Every roof has a lifespan and at a certain point, there is just nothing more you can expect from it. In general, roofs should be replaced every 20 to 25 years, depending on the shingles that were used.

The Roof is Leaking

A big tell-tale sign is when the roof begins to leak. Whether it’s a few drops or a large amount of water, once you spot roof leaks, it’s time to have a professional roofer come out and assess the damage. Leaking not only causes a mess inside your home but it can also lead to mold and mildew issues if it isn’t caught right away.

Roof Valleys are Causing Problems

Are the roof valleys causing problems such as allowing leaves, debris, and water to collect? If so then that valley is prone to rust and a faster rate of deterioration. A professional roofer can easily and quickly identify if this is a problem.

Can You See the Sunlight?

Sometimes, a roof can get so bad that you’ll actually be able to see sunlight poking through. This is a huge red flag and should be inspected immediately. It could be damaged shingles and even cracks in the floorboards.

Don’t Overlook the Chimney

If you happen to have a chimney then it’s important to be wary of the flashing. This is a common area for leaks to occur.

Keep an Eye on the Gutters

You will also want to keep your eye on your gutters, as these can become clogged and then cause issues. This clogging can be a result of roof problems.

An Educated Homeowner

By being aware of these common roof problems you will, in fact, be an educated homeowner who can catch issues before they become huge problems.

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