If you want to change the look of your home, or refresh a room, you should start with blinds. They tend to be a real focal point, instantly improving the whole look of a room. Also, blinds are energy efficient. During winter, they stop cold from coming in and, in summer, they stop the heat from coming in. This is why they are perfect for conservatories or any other living space as well.

If you want to manage the light in your room, you definitely need blinds. Curtains, by contrast, can only block the light fully, or let it all in. Blinds, on the other hand, provide a middle ground. If you are debating between blinds or curtains, then you should always choose blinds. Easy to clean, low in space and far more functional, they are the perfect choice.

However, with so many options to choose from, you may feel slightly overwhelmed. Hopefully, the following information will be of benefit.


The cheapest blinds are readymade ones. However, even custom made blinds can be affordable.

Ease of Installation

Custom made blinds tend to be the easiest to install because they are made for your window. Many times, whoever you purchased the blinds from will also install them for you. Readymade blinds are a bit more complex. You often have to cut them down and if you do it wrong, you will have ruined your blinds.

Look and Beauty

Made to measure blinds tend to be the most beautiful ones, because they were made especially for you. Furthermore, it gives you an opportunity to mix and match and create something really unique. You could add different styles, materials and more to a single room. However, there are also some fantastic readymade options out there. The choice truly is huge, as a quick look at any DIY store, blind store or online shop will tell you.


Made to measure blinds are often slightly more practical, particularly in large homes or windows with unusual designs. If you have patio doors or arched windows, for instance, it is unlikely that you will find one that fits that is a standard size. Unfortunately, it is sometimes impossible to properly use readymade blinds.

However, readymade blinds are very quick to buy and install and incredibly easy to find. You don’t have to wait several weeks before you receive them, which will happen with custom designs. This is because they have already been created and can simply be sent to you, or you can walk them straight out of the store.

Realistically, what matters is your own personal taste, where you want to attach your blinds and how much money you have to spend. Both options have pros and cons for you to take into consideration and only you can weigh up these factors and decide which one is most important to you. Take your time to look around and to think about the designs that matter to you before coming to a decision.

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