It’s easy to forget to take care of our home especially in this fast-paced world that we live in. Being busy leaves us with very little time to take care of our home. If you live in a property built by developer Louie Santaguida it may be easier to balance work life and home life because of the high quality, minimalist approach in his designs and developments. But there are also many ways to improve your home without making major changes. Here are some ideas:

  1. Cover all the holes and cracks

Becoming complacent with the current state of your home is something that you should avoid. You have to make sure that there are no holes where rodents, bugs, and other pests can enter. You can use steel, wiring or weather-resistant caulk to fill these holes very quickly. Not only do you keep away unwanted guests from your home, you’ll also save money on your cooling and heating bills.

  1. Use a robust vacuum cleaner

It should be a requirement for all homeowners to have a vacuum cleaner. Aside from rugs, curtains and carpets, it makes cleaning appliances, the floor, the wall, and even the ceiling much easier. Vacuuming the coils of your fridge and the dryer vents will lower the risk of a fire. It also ensures your home remains free from dirt and dust.

  1. Trim your plants

Make it a priority so as to prevent grass, bushes, and trees from ever touching your house. A decaying leaf is devastating to your roof and walls. Mold can grow too, which causes not only aesthetic problems but also health issues.

  1. Keep your home dry

Unless you’re cleaning your home or it’s raining outside, nothing should ever be wet for longer than an hour. Keeping your home dry guarantees that no mold will form and no pests are going to try to create breeding grounds for larvae. A freak accident can also occur such as water finding its way to a wall socket, which could endanger everyone in your household.

  1. Buy color match markers

Instead of repainting or sanding a piece of furniture, you should consider buying a color match marker. Have a set available for all of the furniture in your home just in case it gets stained. Furniture re-staining can be expensive. You also save yourself from the headache of having to figure out how to hide the stain on your furniture.

  1. Have a pro do it for you

This is as quick and as effortless as it gets. There’s less risk involved by letting a professional evaluate and give suggestions on what kind of inexpensive improvements you can do for your home. But take note that while they may be able to give you suggestions on how you can improve your home for the least cost possible, it’s still going to cost you some money. Go for this option if and only if you have a budget set aside for home improvement.

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