Mental health experts count moving your home from one location to another as a major life event prone to causing stress and other unwanted strong emotions. Remember to take enough time to plan your upcoming relocation to avoid some possible common problems and pitfalls other individuals have encountered when moving their house to a new place. Possible setbacks and pitfalls include:


  • Neglecting to plan your move well in advance of your intended move date
  • Deciding to do everything yourself
  • Failure to pare down unwanted, unused or broken possessions first
  • Call moving company at the last minute
  • Not investigating the moving company
  • Neglect to get a moving rate quote or estimate
  • No plan for transporting expensive or dangerous items safely
  • Forgetting to pack for pet
  • Failure to pack an emergency or survival kit
  • Neglecting to plan for plant transport
  • Failure to double check mover’s inventory sheet

Reserve a moving truck or company at least three months in advance during the busiest moving season during summer months. Calling early allows time for comparison shopping and can lower the moving rate. Those planning to make a residential move should make a detailed moving plan to get a head start on the job. Prepare children well in advance of your move date.

Many individuals try to save money on moving expenses and decide to DIY instead. This is the most stressful move option, and most never consider the practicality of this decision like expensive fuel costs and wear & tear on personal vehicles if used for move. Moving bulky and large items like furniture, appliances and storage items can be hard plus require extra help. Hiring professional movers can decrease chance of injuries and property damage.

Not paring down belongings first is the biggest mistake people make. Not only will those extra unnecessary items take more space and effort to move, the overall cost will increase too. Give away unused clothing, household items and kids toys, or have a yard sale well before moving.

Individuals planning to use a professional moving company should always get a cost estimate or quote ahead of time. Not doing so can be a huge financial disaster as most people don’t calculate the true amount and weight of their move load accurately.

Professional movers have various items that they cannot transport. This might include weapons, good jewelry, plants or hazardous materials. Plan a way to transport these items safely first. Keep jewels, important papers and other valuable items with you during move. Remember that your pet needs to move with supplies too.

Always double check the mover’s inventory sheet carefully, and ensure that the company carries insurance for your possessions.

Pack an emergency or survival box with medications, baby supplies, child’s sleep necessity and other things needed right away.

Hire a reliable moving company like Fox Relocations for the best moving outcomes and less hassle.

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