We know that the pool is a great ally for children and babies in summer but we must be careful. Children are not aware of the danger posed by this familiar space and are not able to calculate eye if they will stand or not. Access to pool private must be provided with a barrier to close it. And the adult should never get away from the edge of the pool, not even to pick up the phone. When the entire bathroom, you have to remove all toys and floating objects to prevent children tempted to catch them. Even in an inflatable pool, monitor the little ones. Pool water is an important fact to check before use. You must ensure that the pool water is good for bath and also for the children. Pool Inspections Brisbane service may help you to check and fix your pool for use.

Although most precautions parents take them by pure logic, we wanted to remind some of the safety tips for children more important for you to enjoy with your children safely.

Here are some safety tips for children to follow when going with them to the pool, either your own or municipal. Let no chance to nag you summer!

  • Do not leave your child alone or baby in the pool or nearby even for a moment; A second cluelessness may be enough to have a disgust! This is one of the most important safety tips.
  • There must be an adult who knows the rescue techniques and CPR, so that if it was necessary to rescue the small and apply these techniques correctly.
  • The pool must have at least two staircases, one in the deepest area and another in the shallow, to facilitate entry and exit to the water of children.
  • Do not let it run or play abruptly too close to the pool or in the water to prevent accidents.
  • Having closed a float and a rescue team, in addition to the mobile phone if we had to call the emergency services.
  • The pool must have security markings indicating the depth of each section.
  • Use large floats; which are smaller give a false sense of security to the child and can not protect them too.
  • The pool filters must have safety caps so that the child does not target the handyman or jam.
  • The kinds of swimming help children and babies unfold better in the water, but in no case should replace safety or life.
  • Leaving the pool must take all the toys, this way, we prevent younger children are attracted to them and try to reach them when they are out of water.
  • The safety of the baby and the child should always come first, so the most important thing is to be careful with these things to live and enjoy this summer with the little ones in the house.

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