Now that the economy appears to be improving somewhat, it’s given house-hunters the chance to be a little more selective in what they purchase.

The market has most certainly opened up and it would be fair to say that new-build real estate is becoming more popular than ever before. While some might argue that it doesn’t quite possess the charm that a traditional house might have, the other benefits mean that the popularity of this property is soaring through the roof.

To highlight some of the reasons behind the above, let’s investigate.

The latest spec

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a laptop or a home – the latest spec matters. Particularly with a new home, it means that repairs are unlikely to be needed for a good few years and this can obviously be hugely attractive when compared to older properties.

Of course, there’s also the small matter of aesthetics. Generally, modern building techniques lend themselves to a superb appearance – you only have to look at Grand Homes and some of their recent projects to get the idea.

In summary, a home with the latest specification is massive. It cuts down on repairs and just gives you a better living experience.

The lack of a chain

As anyone who has been involved in a chain will testify, this can be one of the darkest periods of being a home buyer. The fact that your future living arrangements are completely out of your control can be infuriating and over time, it can make deal-after-deal collapse.

Suffice to say, the same problems don’t exist with new-build properties. Nobody has resided in them before; you can move in straight away. The only thing stopping you is the sale of your own house.

The off-plan-factor

Let’s put a disclaimer out there, this is something that doesn’t necessarily happen with every new house. However, some developers will allow you to purchase a home before it is built at a much cheaper rate.

Not only does it means that you are paying less than you would anyway, it also means that by the time you move in there’s every chance that the property may have appreciated in value.

Additionally, those who do subscribe to an off-plan purchase will generally be given the opportunity to choose various fixtures and fittings, which may have initially been selected by the developers.

Staying green

We seem to be in a world where staying green rolls off the tongue in every industry – and it’s for good reason.

With new-build real estate, the benefits are huge. Generally, houses of this ilk will have all the mod-cons when it comes to energy efficient fittings. We’re talking about double or triple glazed windows, maximum insulation and built-in appliances that barely touch your energy bill.

The result? Well it’s great for the environmentally-conscious out there, whilst also being fantastic for your pocket. If you were to turn to an older building, the costs can soon wrack up just because they use aging systems that are completely against the “green philosophy” we are all becoming used to.

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