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Unique homes and dramatic designs need protection in the form of a security system. However, many owners of such beautiful property would prefer to take the risk than install “ugly” security features.

Home security is not what it once was, though. The days of bulky video recorders and eyesore entry pads are behind us. Technology has advanced far enough that doors, windows, and security systems complement the design of the house instead of detracting from it. Security features can now be seamlessly integrated into the home to enhance a modern, sleek style without compromising on safety:

Innovations in Security Systems

Technology is a glorious thing. It has allowed home design and security to evolve together and integrate with devices that we use every day. Security companies now offer sleek security design options that bring their current home into the modern age, including small security cameras capable of capturing clear footage and streaming it to a phone or tablet four states away.

Newer innovations also include:

  • ~Automated door locks. If you are anything like me, you often forget to lock your doors. It’s easy to let it slip in the rush to get to work on time. With home automation, once you arrive at work you can touch a button and the doors will lock for you.
  • ~Automated home security cameras. Home automation allows you to check on your house from the store, work, or while on vacation. The cameras are motion activated and controlled by your smartphone. That means while you are out you can touch a button to check on the security of your home.
  • ~Temperature control. A home automation system allows you control over how hot or cold your home is no matter where you go. If you normally would be home at 6:00 but discover you will not return until 8:00 tonight you can adjust the thermostat. If you will be home early you can turn the heat up before you get there so it’s comfortable upon arrival.

This sort of home automation is the future of homes everywhere, and it fits seamlessly into design. There is no reason to sacrifice home security in exchange for design. The two can work in harmony.

The Wide World of Doors

There are numerous unique door designs for inside and outside the home that are complementary to both security and style.

  • ~The disappearing door handle. This new way to lock doors allows you to push the external knob into the door, creating a flat surface that can only be unlocked with the proper key or from the inside.
  • ~Geometric panel security door. Urban Front created this unique line of doorways with elegance in mind. The doors are reinforced inside with steel and have hidden hinges, making it harder to break in or take off from the outside.
  • ~The hidden door. The Oval Office has one, why not your house? Not only can a hidden door make your room seamless but it makes it harder for intruders to get into rooms you would rather not have them in.
  • ~Angled doors. Not all walls are created equal. For those angled walls, try an angled door. Not only are they fun to look at, but the angle makes it harder for intruders to break in the door because it is reinforced for strength at more than one degree.

Of course, there are basic home security tips which homeowners can follow regardless of the type of house. These include lights, curtains, and owning a dog. Combining these into the aforementioned state-of-the-art security steps will all but guarantee the home is avoided by prowlers and other potential thieves.

What are your ideas for integrating home security features into the design of your home…it’s kind of a wide open field!

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