Before we even embark on explaining the process, it is important to note that window enlargement is not a DIY job. It calls for highly skilled professionals. So, if you were planning to DIY, you may be in for a big surprise. If vinyl windows is poorly installed, it could end up necessitating for the need of costly repairs.

If you’ve been thinking of getting your windows enlarged, and you don’t know where to start, don’t worry as we are here for that purpose. That said, we will guide you step by step through the entire process of expanding your vinyl windows.

  1. Plan

Planning is essential for any project. Determine in advance the size of the new opening. After that, you should then decide the best design of vinyl windows of your choice. There are different window styles, and all need the varying amount of space for them to open efficiently. During your planning, also consider vinyl window prices. This can help to avoid project financial issues.

Identifying the style of window and the space required will ensure that there is no unused space on the wall left. Extra space may be a gesture of poor planning.

  1. Prepare the Area

Preparation of the work area is mandatory exercise before enlarging your window opening. Interior and exterior wall sides should be entirely removed, so the framing of windows base is exposed. While doing this, you should take maximum care so that the damage doesn’t extend outward into the connecting aluminium or wood frame.

Once the framing is open, there is need to check for any weakening that may result during the whole process.

  1. Enlarge the Frame.

The exterior dimensions of the new vinyl windows are taken on the existing framework. The double studs of 2x4s are used to replace the enlarged frame boundaries.

After fitting the new frame boundaries, the existing framework should be cut together with the old header and sill plate.

However, sometimes the new opening may be more extensive, than the old. In this case, a temporary bracing should be fitted just below the top new plate. That protects it from clipping.

  1. Install New Header and Sill

A two 2x6s is used to create a new header. A region of equilibrium should be established, and the new header levelled to that pivotal point.

The header should then be hammered to the studs of the newly created frame. Framing nails can be used for the attachment of the header. Well-Cut jack studs of the appropriate lengths are used in replacement of the old ones at the upper and bottom of the new opening.

  1. Installation of The New Windows

After setting the new framework, more massive vinyl windows can then be fitted into it, and finally, the trim changed.

In conclusion, larger windows have the capability of opening your home’s interior in quite exceptional ways. However, we advise that vinyl windows  enlargement is not a DIY project.

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