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Do you clean your house on one day only to find it dirty on the next? Although keeping the house clean can be a challenge, you do not have to do it by yourself. A clean house takes some team effort and you need to involve your family in your cleaning efforts.

Here are some tips that will come in handy:

Start small

A simple task such as wiping down the countertops or vacuuming the lounge should be done first. Once you have handled all the small tasks, you should start dealing with the big ones. Cleaning windows, organizing your bookshelves, and mowing the lawn are big chores that will help to keep your house in order.

Do not spend the whole day cleaning

You should not spend the whole day cleaning; this will make it seem like an insurmountable task. You should do small cleaning tasks everyday instead of setting aside one day to do everything. That way, cleaning will not feel like such a burden.

Set a chore list

Do you work the whole day? If you leave some people at home, make sure that you write a chore list. The people who are staying at home will do a certain chore at a certain time. The chores need to be done on time so that when you get home, the house will be neat and tidy.


The role of cleaning should not be left to a single person in your home. Make sure that everyone who lives there contributes towards the cleanliness of your house. Rotate the chores weekly so that no single person feels overworked. You should also elect a family head to ensure that each room is tidy once the chores are finished.

Provide motivation

If you are a mum who is tired of doing all the cleaning alone, you should motivate your children to participate in house cleaning. Promise that you will buy them ice cream or take them out after they finish certain chores. Make it clear that the cleaning has to happen first before you treat them.


If your kids like different things, you should promise each one what he or she likes. For instance, if you have two kids and one likes ice cream while the other likes pancakes, you should promise both of them what they like. That way, one child will not feel neglected.

Make cleaning fun

Even when you provide motivation, children will always find a way to make a chore look like a death sentence. To prevent that, you should play some music or provide some other form of entertainment while cleaning. Start dancing as you clean and your kids will join in, making the task more fun.

Prepare for the next day

Every night before retiring to bed, you should set out the things that you need. Start by laying out clothes for the next day and preparing lunches that the kids will take to school. You should also pre-set the coffee maker, ensuring that you have coffee for the next day.

Give yourself a break

Whether it is in the form of a shopping spree or a walk on the beach, you also deserve a break. When you finish cleaning, treat yourself to anything that you like. This will allow you to relax before you start working on your next cleaning task.


According to the owners of luxury condos in Atlanta, adopting the above habits when cleaning your house will make the job easier. Cleaning does not have to be a chore that you dread. You just need to make sure that every person in your household cleans up after himself or herself.

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