You will be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed by the number of different styles and options that are available in choosing blinds. However, all of them serve the same range of purposes. These are:

  • Controlling the light that comes into your house.
  • Enabling you to see out, and others to see in.
  • Controlling the temperature in your house.
  • Adding a focal point or decoration to your overall d├ęcor.

Roller Blinds and Festoon Blinds

First, you have to think about the options you have available. Roller blinds are the simplest of them all, being just a single piece of fabric wrapped around a wooden or aluminum roller at the top. This attaches to the top of your window, either on the inside of the recess or on the outside, with brackets. Roller blinds are fitted with a spring allowing you to lower and raise it. Various fabrics can be used when making these blinds and that fabric is then treated with a stiffening agent to keep it straight. This makes it easy to clean them as well, which is why they are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms too.

If you want something slightly more luxurious, then a festoon blind will be right for you. This is gathered with a bit of extra length of fabric, which gives it a richer effect. Festoon blinds tend to be made with different fabrics, like voile. As a result, they also tend to be slightly more expensive. The back of the blind is fitted with rings, through which vertical cords run to enable the blind to be lowered and raised.

Get Creative with Blinds

There is no law to state that you have to stick to just one type of blind throughout your house or even throughout a room. You may want certain windows to have more privacy or to let less light through. You may want certain blinds to accent the furniture around the window, and you may want others to dim things down a little bit. The sky is the limit and it is entirely up to you to find what works best.

Similarly, you can mix and match materials as well. Not only can you opt for a variety of materials, you can opt for a variety of designs as well. Why not have a single block of color in your living area, printed on vinyl, but a patterned fabric blind in your dining area, for instance? If you want to get even more creative, you can even attach blinds to your ceiling to create a type of room divider. It is recommended to use vertical blinds for something like that, because the drop is so long, but if you can find a horizontal type of blind that reaches from your ceiling to your floor, you are more than welcome to do that.

As you can see, there are lots of options out there for you to choose from. Take your time to decide on your design before you start shopping.

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