You’ve just moved into your dream home. Congratulations! Now, it’s time to make certain you have everything you need to keep your new house your dream home. One important person whose number you must keep tacked on the refrigerator is a plumber, because you never know when you’ll have a plumbing emergency. How do you find one you can trust? Ask yourself these six questions.

1. Is he or she available 24/7?

Your plumbing isn’t going to telephone you to set up an appointment to fail, so make certain the plumber you choose offers 24/7 service calls. You never know when your pipes may burst, your water heater may die, or your sewage may back up. The latter is dangerous to you and your family, so you’ll want a professional to address the issue right away.

2. Does he or she explain the work to be performed thoroughly?

Whether an emergency or not, you should never hire a plumber who isn’t willing to explain the problem and solution thoroughly. If you call on someone yet are left with questions after the initial inspection, it might be wise to enlist another plumber. You should understand your plumbing problem completely and how the plumber intends to fix it.

3. Does he or she answer my questions?

With this in mind, a plumber should never shy away from your questions or treat them with hostility. You should feel comfortable with the professional, and he or she should answer all questions with respect. No question is stupid, especially when it’s about something with which you aren’t familiar. Your plumber should answer all questions without hesitation.

4. Is the estimate easy to understand?

He or she should also provide an easy-to-understand estimate that explains thoroughly all work to be performed, all materials needed, and all labor charges. Don’t hire a plumber who simply says he or she is going to “fix it” and it will cost “this much.” If the plumber tries to overcharge you on the final invoice, you won’t have a dispute if you don’t have a detailed estimate.

5. Is the work guaranteed?

All home plumbing repairs are important home plumbing repairs, and as such, all work should be guaranteed. If the work fails, you will be left with your original plumbing concern once again plus the possibility of additional damages. Make certain your plumber is willing to back up his or her work, and also ensure you’ll receive applicable manufacturer warranties on all parts.

6. Is he or she properly bonded, insured, and licensed?

Finally, this is the most important question. Never, ever hire a plumber who isn’t bonded, insured, and licensed per your state’s requirements. You can check the requirements by phone or online with your state’s contractor’s licensing board. You can also look up license numbers to make certain everything is current and that the plumber in question doesn’t have any claims against him or her.

Congratulations once again on your dream home. Now, find an experienced and reliable plumber to call when you need it. Whether you want to renovate a few years down the line or you are awakened by a burst pipe in the bathroom, find a plumber you can count on.

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