solarIt would be unfair to say that swimming pools have become unfashionable over recent times, but with the economy as shaky as it has been it has meant that certain “luxuries” have had to be reconsidered.

While having a swimming pool in your back yard is most definitely an ego-boost, as well as being heavenly during the warmer months, on the other side of the coin there are drawbacks. These pools don’t run themselves and can wrack up the costs, while the fact that they can’t be used all year-round means that more questions are asked of them by savvy homeowners.

It’s meant that the emergence of solar heating systems, from companies like Horizon Solar Power, has prompted something of a revival for pools. Now, they’re not necessarily seen as a burden; it’s possible to have one without all of the worries that accompanied pools that were either unheated, or had alternative expensive heating systems attached.

Let’s now take a look at some of the ways that solar heating systems are changing this market and making it “fashionable” again.

Running costs have suddenly been evaporated

As we’ve just touched upon, one of the big drawbacks with an outdoor pool was the fact that they costed the earth to run. Usually, households had two options; swim in freezing water, or turn the heating system on and wince when the energy bill came through the letterbox a few weeks later.

Sure, there’s an upfront cost in relation to setting up one of these heating systems. However, the costs have come down drastically over the years and are much more affordable. The fact that you can get away with a warm pool, without any running costs, is a huge luring factor for a lot of people.

Maintenance is no longer a problem

Anything that runs from fossil fuels tend to attract problems and on the evidence so far, the maintenance associated with solar heaters is significantly lower. Again, it means that those overall running costs are immediately lowered.

Pools can be used all-year round

The term “all-year round” will probably depend on which area of the country you reside in. Industry experts believe that on average, you’ll have double the amount of days available to you in which the pool will be warm enough to swim in after using one of these heaters though.

It’s another reason why the pool is suddenly becoming more attractive, rather than an expensive waste of the yard that may have been considered for alternative uses pre-solar.

The green-factor

With world leaders desperately attempting to improve global climate, we’ll end on this note. While gas and electric heaters will pump all sorts of nasty substances into the air, solar heaters don’t have any such problems. They are a completely green solution and while some people will look at them as a simple energy-saver, it’s worth mentioning that this knock-on effect is going to do wonders for our climate as well.

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