How real estate agents are helping people to find their dream home using digital signage

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Real estate agents are constantly looking for ways to improve their service. They want to ensure that people list their properties with them and that as many buyers purchase a home or business premises via their agency.

Tapping into the latest innovations is one of the main ways agents do this, which is why many of them are starting to make more use of digital display screens. The best property agencies have taken note of the way retail outlets have been using them. Many real estate agents have taken that technology and adapted it for use within their industry. Here are a few examples of how they are doing this and how it is making it easier for people to buy their dream homes.

Prospective buyers still choose to visit physical real estate offices

Most buyers still visit the offices of real estate agencies that are located within the area they are planning to move to. Visiting the office is a quick way for them to see what type of properties are available, get a feel for the prices and ask questions about local facilities.

Of course, this can now be done online. But surveys such as the one carried out by Winkworth, in the UK, show that people still prefer to speak to property agents face-to-face. They surveyed 1000 people and 56% of the would-be buyers said they wanted to speak to agents in person. Given that purchasing a home is a huge step, this is understandable. Most buyers still take the time to travel to an area and visit several real estate agents. So unsurprisingly the majority of digital signage for real estate businesses is used in their offices. Property agencies use them in a variety of ways, including:

To advertise developments and properties

One of the main ways is to tell prospective buyers about the best properties in the area. That could mean showing short videos that highlight a single property. Or informing them about new housing developments and complexes.

To tell potential buyers more about the various neighbourhoods

Most buyers have questions about the area. For example, where the schools are, and which streets are within the catchment area of the best ones. Or how good the public transport connections are. Increasingly, real estate agents are putting together slide presentations that answer the most common questions that home buyers have and displaying them on digital screens in their sales offices.

To tell people about financing options and products

According to the National Association of Realtors, 87% of homebuyers in the USA have to seek finance to be able to make their purchase. That is why many real estate agents point people towards sources of mortgage advice. Often, by advertising local brokerages.

To enable people to browse what is available

Increasingly, agencies are installing touch screens. These enable would-be buyers to search the listings, select properties they are interested in, and find out more about them. Being able to watch a video tour of a house on a large screen is much better than having to view it on a mobile phone. Often, these terminals include the ability to book a viewing or to ask questions.

Some agencies even have these touch screens mounted on the outside of their premises to enable people to do this even when the sales office is closed. A few have even experimented with using them outside homes that they have up for sale. The idea is to tap into the fact that many people still drive around an area looking for sale boards. Then, if the house is empty, stop to look around and maybe peer through the windows. Having a screening kiosk set up outside the property enables people like that to watch a video of the house interior, then contact the real estate office if they like what they see.

In the USA, virtual open house sessions were one of the main ways realtors were able to still sell houses during the pandemic. You can find out more about how they did it by reading this article.

Digital real estate screens are available to help buyers 24/7

All of the above information is helpful. Using digital screens to share it ensures that it can be made available 24/7. While waiting for an agency to become free, people can still access the information they need. Even at night when the office is closed, provided the screens are set up so that they are visible through the window.

All of the above is enabling real estate agents to help people to find their dream home and do so a lot faster.

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