Landscapers and home designers are increasingly more reliant on downlights to make homes and gardens look better. After all, these lights are more versatile and are totally affordable. They add accent and character to any space, whether it is indoors or outdoors.

These lights are referred to as downlights because of the direction of the light beam (downward) – effectively highlighting any item in its direct path. Whether they are used as ceiling lights after remodelling a kitchen or for lighting stone paths in a garden, they look totally amazing.

One of the reasons why downlights have become more popular recently is because of their subtle way of adding the necessary light without using wall-mounted lamps. Add to that the fact that downlights are very affordable. For a reasonable cost, they offer a more flattering lighting effect.

Aside from their overall appeal, they are also considered a subtle security feature on garden walls. They may also be placed in entryways or in foyers. When artfully placed, they look lovely.

A magical garden

A garden will most likely have a dramatic effect especially at night with the help of downlights. They are usually mounted on trees and can add an ethereal glow to bushes and other landscaping items, making the garden look and feel magical.

Aside from your garden, you may also use downlights if you have a pool at home. Downlit waterfalls, pools and ponds are a major eye-catcher if you have guests coming over. These lights add more depth and drama to any area. At night, such areas might just be ignored, but their beauty becomes more radiant with the help of downlights.


Cost is not an issue

Downlights are also popular because of their affordability. They are usually made from LEDs or other low-voltage lights. Hence, they are cheaper. They also consume less energy and won’t increase your electric bill even if used for a prolonged period of time. Replacement of broken bulbs is also easy, since you can just buy them in any local store or the store where you purchased the downlights.

In short, functionality, style and affordability are three main reasons why people prefer using downlights. They may not be available in your local stores, but they can be easily bought online. Just check for more information. Choose from a wide variety of downlights that vary in size, colour and price.

Find the right downlights that will match the area where they are to be placed at home. You may also consult with your interior designer to find out which of the options would look great.