Are you someone who’s been recently considering DIY home improvement ideas? If answered yes, there are numerous things to consider before you start to invest. Are you aware of the fact that home renovations are 6-times more destructive in terms of costs than new construction and it can also make you vulnerable towards health hazards? Renovating your home can expose you to harmful substances and chemicals, such as asbestos .You should be aware of the fact that asbestos is the deadliest substance during all renovations as it contains dangerous toxins and chemicals.

Exposure to asbestos during home renovation

It is extremely common to be exposed to asbestos during renovation of old homes. In fact, most inhabitants of old homes are not even aware that they have been exposed to asbestos for the last 10-50 years and they only do so when they develop mesothelioma which is an aggressive and untreatable cancer caused by exposure to asbestos.

Remodeling projects for the future – Few pieces of advice

There are many people that live in houses which are more than 50 years old. They are the most vulnerable to exposure if carrying out simple home improvement tasks such as drilling in to walls. Here are few pieces of advice that you should take into account for your future  DIY projects.

  • Always assume it contains asbestos

The best way in which you can be certain of the fact that the materials used in your home contain asbestos is by getting them checked by analysts. Never cut into or work with materials which you are unsure about. Having a survey carried out is the best way to be 100% sure.

  • Half the battle is done when you know it

Homeowners should assume wall and ceiling insulation of old houses as they contain asbestos. When replacing outdoor surfaces like shingles and roof felt, extra precautions should be made. These materials are safe when undisturbed but breaking the structure can release asbestos into the environment. Old paint can also contain asbestos. Once you identify the hazards, you should take immediate steps.

  • Hire a professional or an expert

This is perhaps the most useful piece of information and also important. It is only when you hire an expert that you can help remove asbestos and thereby protect yourself from mesothelioma.

Can you file a mesothelioma claim if you’re affected?

If you’ve been exposed to asbestos, it’s important to seek professional advice immediately! In the unfortunate event that you have contracted the deadly disease, you may be eligible for compensation.  You can have a look at mesothelioma claims from Slater and Gordon for more information and advice.

Embarking on a home improvement journey thrusts upon you the added responsibility of ensuring that you’re safe. Take the above mentioned steps to avoid exposure to asbestos and avoid the associated illnesses.

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