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You’re probably aware of the news that surrounds the use of chemicals that are in and around your home. Many home and business owners have decided that they would like to try pest control that controls insects and wildlife, but isn’t using certain chemicals.

What Should You Look for in a Green Pest Control Company?

If you are concerned about the makeup of the treatments that may be used in and around your house, talk to your exterminator. They may give you options such as:

  • Baits and traps. Instead of spraying chemicals, animals can be caught and then removed to a different location.
  • Using alternative treatments. An EPA “reduced risk” program is often available as an alternative to traditional, typical treatments.
  • Using preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance includes manipulating conditions outside your home or business. For instance, this includes checking carefully around the foundation and attic of your home for gaps and cracks, eliminating all standing water in and around your property, and moving fallen logs or brush that may house stinging insects.
  • Focusing on the outside of your home. Some traditional pest control treatments involve the interior of your house. You can ask your exterminator to only place materials outside.
  • Using chemicals that have a low impact on the environment. That way, only the pests that are bothering you will be eliminated, and nothing else.

A Pest Control Professional Works With You

The most important part of using a green treatment plan is that you’re going to need an expert who understands the effectiveness of green treatments. Look for a company where every employee – from the front office to the technicians – undergoes education and training to ensure that they know as much as possible for their customers. Some pest control companies even require an entire month of training for technicians, who must pass a state test to become certified. Contact a pest control expert who takes your concerns seriously.

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