You have seen them in movies, you think they can only be found in decrepit apartments, and you have heard that they could survive a nuclear attack; yes, cockroaches have quite the reputation and for good reasons. Aside from being the most common household pest in the world, according to pest control experts, roaches carry bacteria that can seriously affect human health, causing infections or discomfort like diarrhea.

Like any tourists, cockroaches are looking for good food, available water and a comfortably warm hiding spot when selecting a place to stay. Unfortunately, when they find a five-star resort they like, they never leave! Thankfully, professionals have put together some tricks to eliminate those ugly, unwanted tenants. Before deciding which treatment is best, you should identify the type of cockroach you are dealing with. Various bug savvy companies have pictures on their websites to help you in that task.

If you are fortunate enough to not have cockroaches in your life, you can keep things this way using excellent prevention methods such as regular cleaning, proper food storage, and ensuring you fix water leaks rapidly. If roaches have moved in, unbeknownst to you, hiding in a used piece of furniture you brought in or entering though some cracks in the foundation, there is still hope to get rid of them. You must act fast as they multiply rapidly and are highly adaptable.

As you will have noticed already, they are usually more active at night and rest during the day. That is a good place to start. Using a flashlight, explore dark areas of your house such as tight spaces behind appliances, underneath sinks, dark corners of the basement or other humid places. Inspecting typical cockroach hidings will help you decide where to set your traps. Contacting your best exterminator services will help you decide the best traps to use in your situation.

Once you have figured out how they came in, seal their entrances with caulking or weather strips. This way, you will avoid more guests moving in. Next, you can trap them using specifically designed sticky strips that will collect them for you. If you are facing a big infestation, that might not be enough to permanently get rid of them. Using gel bait and boric acid will poison most of the pest, but you need to be careful that house pets or children don’t have access to the toxic substances. Also, if you combine gel bait and sprays, do not spray near the bait as it might dilute the poison concentration and reduce its efficiency.

During treatment, make sure not to leave dirty dishes in the sink and pick up crumbs or food that has fallen to the ground. That way, you are forcing the cockroaches to feed on your poisonous buffet instead of offering them other menu options. The process of ridding your house of these unpleasant visitors may take some time, but don’t despair, with the support of professionals in the field, you will be able to reclaim control of your kingdom.

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