Essential Tools For Every Builder


Every builder needs to have a few essential tools in their toolbox. These tools make building projects easier and more efficient. Here is a list of the most important tools for builders.

Your trusty pencil and paper

There is no avoiding needing these for building projects. You can use them to sketch out plans or jot down measurements and notes.

Cordless drill

While a corded electric drill will suffice, a cordless one is easier to work with and allows you more freedom of movement around your builds. A good drill should have multiple speeds and reverse settings. A clutch will also help with more delicate projects.


A handsaw is an essential tool for cutting baseplates, bricks, and plates. You can buy a cheap one or splurge on a higher quality saw like those used by professionals due to their durability and efficiency. Keep in mind that some saws are designed to cut in one direction.

Utility knife

A utility knife with angled blades is a must-have for cutting various materials, including plates, tiles, and bricks. A knife can also be used to score pieces before snapping them off. Make sure the handle fits your hand comfortably for ease of use.

Spirit level

You need to make sure that your builds are at the proper angles, or they will look like they are leaning or won’t sit on surfaces properly. If you choose not to buy a spirit level, there is another method of checking if an angle is correct; try laying bricks/plates flat on their side and tilting them until the surface sits flush on the table. This is a quick and easy way to check if your angles are correct without using an actual spirit level.


You’ll need pliers to hold pieces in place while you build, bend pieces into shape, or remove stuck-together or overly tight pieces. A long nose plier will keep your fingers far away from pieces and will allow you to apply more force when necessary.

Tape measure

A tape measure assists with measuring the length, width, and height of a build. It’s also a great reference tool to have on hand during your building process.¬†

Screws & fixings

Different builds require different types of screws, so you will need to invest in a set that can be used with most of your projects. You may also need more specific screws, such as heavy duty coach screws, for more demanding projects.

Saw blades

You’ll need the appropriate saw blades for the task at hand. Having more than one blade allows you to cut through materials easier and faster. Make sure that you choose blades that are compatible with your saw.


You may need a wrench to secure fittings or to tighten bolts/nuts on your builds. Make sure to choose one with a comfortable handle and length for ease of use. You can also buy adjustable wrenches to make sure it’s always ready for your next building project.


Most of your builds will require nails, so it’s best to have a few sizes on hand. You can also use nails to attach pieces together, hang them on walls or boards, or secure certain materials to surfaces. Make sure that they are compatible with the material you’re using for greater ease of application.

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