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Skips are an essential part of modern life, and whether you have industrial waste that has to be removed, or you want to improve the home by building a patio, you will need a skip. It is a convenient and eco-friendly way to dispose of waste material, especially in an urban environment, and with local government regulations being what they are, severe penalties are imposed on anyone who dumps waste irresponsibly. If we are to look into more detail how commercial and residential environments use skips, let’s begin with commercial usage.

Commercial Waste Removal

Almost all industries create waste, and this waste must be responsibly removed and recycled, if possible, otherwise safely disposed of in an eco-friendly way. Then there are public events, with thousands of people eating and drinking, and while there are many refuse bins for them to use, all of this must eventually be removed. Some industries are permanently using skips, with daily deliveries and collections, and without this service, many businesses would not be able to operate. Schools, universities, and other learning establishments rely on skips to remove the large amounts of waste that they generate.

A Range of Sizes

Commercial skips come in a range of sizes, to suit the client, and typically, they would range from the smallest, which holds up to 5m³ to what are known as bulk bins, which hold a lot more. Often more than one unit is required, and modern transportation allows for multiple units to be delivered in a single operation, keeping costs down.

Residential Skips

Starting at 2m³ and going up to around 12m³, the range of sizes is ideal for the homeowner, who might need a skip for any of the following activities:

  • Landscaping
  • Tree removal
  • Interior or exterior renovation
  • Pool construction
  • General yard clear up
  • Mini construction projects

There are so many reasons why a homeowner might need a skip, and with the right company, you will receive prompt and efficient service. If you live in Western Australia, you can hire mini skips in Perth by West Bin, a leading supplier of skips for the residential and commercial environment.


Using a skip hire company is the eco-friendly way to remove any unwanted materials from the home, and whether you are looking for mini skips in Perth, or any other city, an online search will reveal a reputable supplier in your area. An established ship hire company would be accredited and approved, which means they always recycle if at all possible, and when this option is not feasible, the waste will be disposed of responsibly.

Fully Automated Delivery and Collection

The new generation of skip trucks can load and unload a skip at the touch of a button, and with vehicles that can carry multiple units, there are no extra transport costs when you need more than one unit.

Skip hire is an essential service to both homeowners and businesses alike, and with the right supplier, things can carry on uninterrupted, and your waste is responsibly removed.

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