‘This the season for hosting get-togethers! If you find yourself cramming lots of bodies into a space that just doesn’t seem to flow smoothly, then today you may want to start planning some redesigns for your home. We are sharing some fantastic ideas to make your space more friendly for your gatherings.

Entertaining in the Den

Your den or living room might need a bit of an upgrade for when you host Superbowl Sunday, an Oscar party, or movie night. If you haven’t upgraded your television in a few years, now is a great time to consider a newer one. A large screen, around 50 inches or more, will ensure that no one will miss a single moment. Of course, high definition is in order and to compliment the television, your subscription should offer high definition transmissions as well. We recommend checking out DIRECTV packages for a great resolution and the best options for your money. Don’t forget to add a surround system to get the best viewing experience possible.

Update the Backyard for BBQ

Family cookouts are the staple for summer and your backyard could use a little bit of an update. First and foremost, if you are without a deck or patio area then you should start there. A nice area set aside for tables, grills, and shade is a perfect way to keep your backyard ready for a cookout at any given moment. It also makes it easier to use in the cooler months for some evening marshmallow roasts with hot chocolate. Still using a small charcoal grill? Now is the time to invest in a natural gas grill! Not only is natural gas more environmentally friendly than a propane grill, you are going to find them bigger and able to accommodate more food. When you can grill more food, it frees up the chef to enjoy a burger with the family and friends.

Expand the Dining Room

As families grow, holidays and monthly meals together can get a little crowded. Upgrading your dining room table and changing the setup can make it so much easier to gather together and enjoy those meals. A dining room table that can expand by inserting a leaf is an excellent addition to your home. You can keep it small for every day use and then create extra room when family and/or friends gather. Change up your walls with a fresh coat of paint or add some light patterns to the walls to make the room feel bigger. Another decorating tip, invest in hutches that don’t take up a lot of space but hold your fine china with ease. Keep décor light and out of the way so that people can move in and out easily and you have enough space for enlarging your table. Add a few houseplants here and there to add a little coziness to the room.

We these tips, you can easily transform your home so that you can entertain with ease. Don’t stress to get all of your upgrades done right away. Take it room by room before your next big event and look for the sales that will get you the best savings!

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