Your home is your castle; it’s the place you return to after a hard day’s work, and the shelter you seek when you’re done with the rest of the world. Why shouldn’t it also reflect your personality, and the many things you’ve worked so hard to achieve and celebrate? Interior design is a form of expression, and while cool, crisp, and clinical may work for some, others are more impressed by the bold, brash, and colorful approach to life; and why not? When it comes to livening up your home there are numerous interior designs trends that you could choose from. Alternatively, now is a fantastic time to think outside of the box and create something truly special.

Add splashes of color

If you’ve spent any time at all researching your new interior design project you’ll know that experimenting with color is one of the most popular ways to enliven any home. With the swish of a brush and a carefully chosen shade you can transform just about any space in an instant; from drab to fab in the time it takes for a fresh coat of paint to dry. If you’re not sure about bold blocks of color, experiment with a feature wall, border, orstatement fireplace for the time being. A gallery wall, boasting an array of canvases or photographs would also brighten your home with relatively little effort or commitment.

Incorporate a little of your own artwork

Of course, the best way for your home to reflect your style and personality is for you to incorporate a little of your own artwork along the way. Chalk art is particularly popular, as it allows homeowners to leave messages, write notes, and draw pictures that can be altered, and erased as the mood takes them. Return to your favorite online store in search of inspiration and resources to explore their chalkboard store to buy frames, easels, and contact paper, and allow your imagination free range.

Experiment with texture

There can be nodenying that playing with colors and textures is enormous fun – and extremely satisfying once you find a look that fits. If you’ve a hardwood floor introduce a shaggy rug to add warmth and color, or consider marrying sumptuous dark wood and stonework, or expose brickwork to create a look that’s dramatically different.From soft and intimate plush interiors, to sleek, smooth contemporary features, it’s time to imagine how your room will feel, as well as what it might look like.

Light it up

The way you choose to light your home could say a lot about your personality. Do you prefer large, open windows with plenty of natural light, or candles and strings of fairy lights? It’s no secret that natural light and well-placed mirrors can make smaller rooms appear much larger. Tealights and fairy lights, meanwhile, can cast magical, intimate shadows across dens and cozy bedrooms. The quickest, and simplest way to reinvigorate your home is to alter your lighting.

Upcycle your favorite furniture and accessories

Who says that a new interior has to mean new furniture? Sometimes all our homes want, or need is a little tender loving care. Is your old sideboard looking particularly sad and lonely? Could your dining room table do with some attention? Upcycling, and restoration have become incredibly popular in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why; the processes of upcycling and restoration breathe new life, and character into furniture or accessories we’ve otherwise become tired of. Such acts are creative and innovative, and can transform your home without spending any more than you need to.


There’s an accessory for every inch of your home, if you choose to brighten its surfaces and nooks with the things you’ve collected along the way. Your home is a blank page upon which the stories of your travels, and achievements can be told; what better way to narrate your life, or show off your personality than with a thoughtful display of your favorite possessions and souvenirs? The great thing about accessories is that they can be altered and rotated as your mood takes you. Livening up your home can be as simple as creating a new display of holiday trinkets, or bringing the outdoors in with seasonal plants and flowers.

Your home is your very own blank canvas; your shelter and retreat, and the place you can be yourself without fear or prejudice. The great thing about interior design is that its objectives, and results are utterly individual – a little like the person, or people living there. Whether you choose to experiment with color or texture or transform your walls into your own private gallery, only you know and understand the limits to your creativity. There are no rules or expectations here, besides those you make for yourself. Embrace the challenge of livening up your home; it’s time to fall in love with your property all over again.

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