When you hear about portraits, this may seem to be a relatively straightforward thing which means a picture of someone. But with the advancements in the painting industry and the evolution of new meaning to the periphery of painters, portraits have proven to be even more popular and famous. There are abstract portraits, appropriate portraits, portraits of homes, portraits of pets and also portraits which are nothing but piles of candy. No matter how many times you devise a rule to define a portrait, you will always find another bona fide portrait which defies the previous rule.

Then there comes a point when the entire idea of drawing watercolour portraits seems to become less of a genre and rather a blurry constellation of nothing but suggested guidelines or just a thing which you need to recognize and see. Let’s not stop making painting more of a theory and let’s take a look at the work of some famous contemporary artists.

  • Lincoln Schatz

Lincoln Schatz is a Chicago media artist who has shown the path to generative portraiture, a display of software which continuously keeps re-editing the video footage. This video can be shot for a period of 15 seconds, that of kids shaking their heads or an hour of interview with LeBron James and in some cases certain works in private collector homes. This work includes a camera which keeps adding new footage continuously to the loop thereby creating a series of portraits.

  • Sukran Moral

Whenever we speak of contemporary Turkish art, one of the most noteworthy figures which need special mentions is Sukran Moral, a woman who is never afraid to speak her mind among the conservatives. She is a famous watercolour artist and also a portrait maker, but her art and craft doesn’t play a big role in her practice. Just as provocative is her videos, installations and poetry, so is her art. She deals with everything that is out of order lie transsexuals, immigrants, prostitutes and people who are mentally ill. Her ideas of art are deeply rooted within feminism and in herself.

  • Larry Bell

He is most popular for his sculptures as he does elaborated works on paper using watercolours and mixed media too. His leanings towards Abstract Expressionism usually inspire his art as they usually depict geometric compositions which stand next to the geometric compositions in 3-D form. Larry Bell also introduced vapor art and mirage works which include the technology of using thin film deposition and the colored sheets of different paper materials, laminate film and strips of PET. Most often, they are squared and the drawing occupies a small portion of the surface.

Hence, we see that art and craft always has a rule of its own. You can never define art, not at its initial level or after it has been completed. Art has its own language and all that we can do is abide by that language and understand the true musings of an artist.

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