Contemporary Bathroom

If you ask people what the most important room of their home is, not many will choose the bathroom as their answer. However, bathrooms are used every day and no home can go without them. That’s why this underrated room deserves more appreciation and an awesome design. So, if you want to treat your bathroom (and yourself) to a little makeover, consider giving the contemporary style a shot. Here’s how to pull off this elegant and functional style.

Aim for simplicity

The first thing about contemporary spaces anyone can notice is pure simplicity. These space are decluttered, tidy, open and airy. Built-in shelves and cabinets can add to the cleanliness by providing extra storage space to hide hygiene products and all other personal items that might clutter the space. Since the bathroom is the space of privacy and relaxation, the design and decor should encourage that philosophy. Clean and simple lines, subdued natural colors and minimal decor will allow you to concentrate on yourself instead of distracting you and clouding your mind.

Tile it up

Tiles play an important role in the overall look of every contemporary bathroom. They are a great way to boost the style of your bathroom and can be used both to encourage minimalism and break the monotony of a simple space. Since tiles come in countless shapes, colors and sizes it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The most common choice for a contemporary bathroom are white metro tiles, geometric hexagon tiles and split face stone tiles. All of these will create a certain atmosphere yet stay true to contemporary aesthetics.

Choose the right cabinets


Contemporary bathroom furniture is characterized by clean lines, interesting finish and a very simple design that is both elegant and functional. For instance, wall-mounted units and fitted furniture are some of the best choices. All of these can fit perfectly into any contemporary space because of their minimalist style. Make sure to choose furniture that’s the right size for your space and your needs – cabinets will have to house all of your hygiene products if you want to achieve a decluttered look.

Opt for modern fixtures

Taps and showerheads might seem like tiny details to you, but they can really add to the contemporary style if you choose the right models. Opting for taps that are smooth in shape and minimalist in design is your safest bet. Waterfall taps also work well, especially when combined with a modern, simple sink. Another great contemporary bathroom idea is wall-mounted taps. They not only look amazing but also take up less counter space, which is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

Install freestanding bathtubs


Freestanding bathtubs are ruling the contemporary bathroom scene. They are characterized by clean lines, subdued colors and their sculpture-like appearance. That’s why they’re often placed in the middle of the room to serve as a focal point. These elegant bathtubs are usually oval, but rectangular ones also fit in beautifully. Both styles have clean lines, but oftentimes, the oval ones go better in a space with curved basins and fixtures, while rectangular ones look amazing when paired with angular furniture and fixtures.

Wet rooms

For those who have a big space to work with, adding a wet room is a great idea that fits in the contemporary vibe perfectly. Wet rooms equipped with frameless glass are especially popular because of their simple and minimalist look. They are perfect for quick showers, kids that like to splash and giving your pets a bath. However, try to keep your eye on the thickness of the glass. Thick glass might cost more, but it tends to be more durable and damage-resistant.

Introduce greenery

Connection with nature is a huge part of every contemporary space — it’s not all about concrete and stone. Adding a touch of greenery and natural decoration to your bathroom is a perfect way to bring balance and introduce a few splashes of color. By adding plants into the space, you will not only boost your aesthetics but also ensure a good indoor air quality that is very important if you want to be able to completely relax in your bathroom. Popular indoor plant choices are bamboo, aloe vera, Boston fern, peace lily and snake plant. They are all easy to maintain, don’t require too much light and can take a lot of humidity.

Boost the lighting

Lighting is often quite a neglected design element, even though it can make or break any space, especially a contemporary one. There are plenty of modern fixture choices, but try to choose those with clean lines and interesting, geometric shapes. However, it’s not all about aesthetics of the fixture—the quality of the light is much more important. If you can boost natural lighting, don’t hesitate to let the sunshine in. If you can’t achieve that with windows, skylights are often a great solution.

Contemporary bathrooms are elegant, stylish and relaxing, but also very functional. So, don’t hesitate to give this style a shot and welcome your old bathroom into the 21st century.

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