There are a couple of things that you have to think of when it comes to buying a sauna heater. The main things are the steam generator, the controls, the stones, and the mounting. Whether you’re installing a sauna for domestic or professional use, these things are always important.


Sauna heaters can be free standing or wall mounted. Usually, the smaller ones are wall mounted. Larger ones, which are free standing, stand on the floor, usually in the corner of the unit. What matters most is that you choose a heater that is able to heat up your entire room.


When it comes to choosing your rock capacity, you have to think about the size of your sauna. Not every heater is able to hold the same weight in rocks. Some can hold 25lbs, others can hold 70lbs or more. Usually, bigger saunas can hold, and require, more rocks. The more rocks a heater has, the more steam will come from it as well. Hence, again, it is important to choose the product that will be best able to quickly and comfortable heat up the sauna.

Steam Generator

A sauna heater is there to generate steam. This is why makes you sweat when you’re in the sauna. Sweet, meanwhile, helps you skin to heal and your immune system to build up. Basically, the heater generates stem because the rocks get incredibly hot, and water is then poured onto them. Sometimes, the steam generator is already installed into the sauna. If so, then the biggest decision you will have to make is where your water supply is going to be. However, most people like the authentic experience of pouring water on the stones, which means they don’t commonly choose heaters with automatic functions. A key downside to automatic heaters is that you have almost no control over how much steam is produced, which means you could end up in a sauna room that you find wholly uncomfortable.

The Controls

Thanks to the control son a sauna, you will have greater control over the heat that it emits. You should be able to find the controls on the heater itself, including on the side or bottom. Other heater companies create separate thermostats, whereby the controls are away from the heater itself. This is generally seen as more energy efficient, as it gives you more control over meeting your own personal preferences. It also helps to avoid scalds and burns.

If you are looking for a sauna heater for your business or domestic sauna, the greatest element of importance is the size of your sauna. This will help to at least diminish the number of choices you available to you, making it far easier to choose the right heater for your personal needs. Key issues that people find of importance include the four elements above. It is vital that you think first not of what you want, but rather of what your sauna has. This will make it far easier to chooise a rpdoct.

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