Once upon a time, blinds were used for two purposes only: keeping a room’s temperature stable and keeping prying eyes of passersby out. Because of this, blinds were never truly popular as part of overall interior design options. They were often made of a solid, singular color (preferably white), in the hopes of making them blend in with the rest of the house, rather than standing out. The world has changed, however. As more materials become available and design technology evolves, blinds now have not only those two functions, but also serve an important role in terms of overall décor.

If you want to create something that is totally unique and beautiful, you may want to consider opting for vertical shades.

All about Vertical Shades

Vertical shades come in many different colors, designs and materials. There are now also numerous manufacturers that allow you to come up with your own design, creating something that is truly unique. What people have come to understand, it seems, is that the view from a window is a work of art in itself. Hence, rather than completely closing it off, they instead choose to frame their window with blinds. This way, they can decide to allow a natural view into their property when they want to, or they can hide the view away (as well as the view into their property), at other times.

Then, there is the fact that opting for vertical blinds helps to insulate a property. This means that people can experience significant savings on their overall energy bills. Not just that, it means that they use fewer fossil fuels and other such resources, thereby protecting the planet as a whole as well. The fact that it means you save money in the process is just a welcome benefit.

You also have numerous materials to choose from. Aluminum is popular, mainly because it is very affordable. Wood is also popular, but only with those who have quite a high budget to spend on these shades. For those who are slightly less affluent, faux wood is also available, which is a type of vinyl or PVC. If you want to be really eco-friendly, then bamboo is the way forward. This is reasonably affordable – compared to hardwood at least – and has a number of specific properties that actually make it more beneficial than real wood.

How to Find the Right Shades

In order to find the right shades for your property, you first have to take measurements of your window, depending on whether you want the blinds inside or outside the frame. Once you have your measurements, you can start shopping. Most blind manufacturers now operate online, which means that you have a whole world of shopping available to you without ever having to leave your house. Take a look at the different options that are available for the sizes you need and then look at the materials and other elements (including budget) that are important to you.

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