Nothing beats a quiet night in watching a romantic film with the other half or settling down alone to read a good book. It is important that a display home for sale in Perth is designed to be as comfortable as possible for new owners. There are several ways to make sure that a house is all set up for a quiet night in.


Double-Glazed Windows To Keep Out Noise

Peace and quiet are of the utmost importance, so old windows which rattle need to be replaced with brand-new double-glazed windows. This will help to shut out any distracting traffic noise or the sound of the elements. Double-glazed windows also help to retain heat so that the house stays as warm as possible. Perfect for  nights inside with the whole family. The display homes for sale by award winning builder Aveling Homes are fitted with the latest double-glazed windows as standard.

Ornate Fireplace To Keep Warm By

On a cold winter’s night, having a fireplace to warm up by is extremely important. However, a good fireplace shouldn’t just keep people warm, it should be a stylish addition to the living room. Choose a fireplace with intricately-patterned ironwork. This will transform the living room and can potentially make the house more attractive to potential buyers.

Sound System For Playing Music Throughout The House

Having a great sound-system makes staying in to listen to records an enjoyable way to while away the evening. Install a system so that music can be heard throughout the house. This means that there is no need to change records when going to cook a meal, for example.

Flat Screen Television For Film Night

Watching a good film with a tasty bowl of popcorn is a fun evening’s entertainment. Buy a flat-screen television to get the full cinema experience. It could be a good idea to buy a few comfy reclining seats if there is enough room. Why not have regular film nights so that friends can come over to watch as well?

This is a cheap alternative to going out to the cinema. It is also a good fallback plan if no-one can think of anything to do during the evening.

Games Room

Installing a games room in the house can make nights in an extremely exciting prospect. As well as electronic gadgets like games consoles, it is important to have a few games which make sure that people are not just sat vegetating in front of the television. Buy a pool table and arrange tournaments between the family or friends. A games room is a great place to put pinball machines and air hockey tables for extra entertainment. It is a good idea to keep the games room replenished with plenty of snacks and drinks so that people do not have to keep going to the kitchen every so often.

Everyone deserves a quiet evening in. Why not have one tonight?

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