It’s hard to imagine getting through the summer without your air conditioner. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize there’s a problem with their air conditioning before it is too late. If you give your air conditioner proper maintenance, you can spot problems before they develop and save money on your energy bills. A few simple routine steps help you keep your air conditioner in prime condition for a comfortable summer.

Checking Filters, Coils and Drains

Your air conditioner filter is an essential part of your unit, and keeping it free from blockage and debris is essential for proper functioning. Check your filter least every month in the summertime and clear dirt and debris from its surface. Periodically you need to change your air conditioner filter, so make sure you purchase a replacement filter that complies with your model.

Cleaning your filter should prevent your coils from becoming dirty, but if there is a lot of dust or debris in a certain area, the coils need to be cleaned too. Once in a while, take a stiff wire and pass it through the drain to make sure the passage is clear. A clogged drain keeps the air humid, and extra moisture can cause discoloration on your walls. In addition, inspect the seals that cover the air conditioning unit and the window frame. Cracks and small tears in the seals cause air to escape and can waste energy.

Air-Conditioner Tune-up

An air-conditioner that is damaged cannot produce sufficient cool air to keep you comfortable in the summertime, so keep it cool by calling a technician if you notice air-conditioner malfunctioning or for an annual tune-up to ensure that all the working parts are in good condition. During the inspection, the technician will make sure there is enough refrigerant liquid and that none of this fluid is leaking out. He or she will test the seal ducts and check the airflow in the coil. The next step is to check the electrical system and the motor to ensure proper operation. This tune-up should take only a few minutes and will keep your air conditioner working efficiently all summer long.

Help Your Air Conditioner

Even when your air-conditioner is in tip-top shape, you might not feel the positive effects because of issues within a home that prevent your machine from cooling your interiors. If you have leaks in the siding or cracks around the doors and windows, cool air escapes from your home. Hotspots can develop on the floor or on your couch and heat up the cool air that your air conditioner is producing. Keep your windows closed and your blinds or curtains drawn to preserve cool air within your home and prevent it from escaping to the outside. If you want to open your windows and get some fresh air, turn your air conditioner off before doing so.

Air-conditioner maintenance takes only a few minutes, but can make you and your family feel comfortable at home all summer long and can save you money on energy bills and expensive repairs. Clean your filter regularly, check the interior of your machine, and keep it free of dust and debris. Check your home for leaks around the windows and doors to make the most out of your air conditioning system.

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