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Working with wood is among the most rewarding things you can do with your free time, even as a beginner. Aside from enjoying the process itself and expanding your knowledge, the end of each project rewards you with a finished piece.

Woodworking can be as simple as screwing reclaimed planks together and putting on some paint. But, if you want to improve your skills and get better results, we recommend using power tools. For example, by using a router table, you can achieve a more professional look with various joints and edge work. Without further ado, let’s get into a few good beginner furniture projects that almost anyone can complete.

Small wooden boxes

Choosing to build something as simple as a small wooden box offers many benefits. First of all, beginners can practice making wood joints this way. Since a project of this type isn’t demanding, you’ll also be able to finish it in a short amount of time. Finally, if you make a mistake, you don’t lose too much time or material.

Sturdy Workbench

If you’re serious about woodworking, you’re going to need a dedicated space for projects. For those that don’t already have a workbench, building one should be a top priority. You won’t need a shop packed with expensive tools to complete something like this, only a few basics hand and power tools.

Wooden Garage Shelves

Lots of shops offer affordable shelves, but they won’t be as strong as something you make yourself. Besides, with a DIY project, you can tailor the shelf dimensions to your needs and get the most of out of your storage space. If this doesn’t help, try other things to solve your clutter problems.

Quick Wood Bench

Whether you need a bench for your mudroom, kitchen or workshop, building one is straightforward. You don’t need much in the way of electrical tools, except for a drill and saw, but routers can be used as well to round edges. In regards to materials, store bought planks, as well as reclaimed lumber, will do the trick.

Wooden Storage Box with Lid

If you have a toddler and need a sturdy box to store toys, a wooden container is ideal. You can also include your kids in some steps and teach them how to sand or paint. A box like this can last for years and stay in your family for generations to come.

Simple Table

Even though making a table may seem daunting to beginners, we’ve found the perfect guide. For one, these plans require only a few hand tools, a couple of clamps, a circular saw and a drill. Moreover, each step has a detailed explanation. When you’ve put your table together, all that’s left to do is sand and finish it with paint of your choice.

King-size Platform Bed

After a long day of woodworking, you’ll want to jump into bed and get a good night’s sleep. That’s why we added these plans for a simple yet sturdy platform bed. You’ll want to have a few power tools for this project, but the finished product will be much better as a result, and you’ll save a lot of time.

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