Commercial Fridge

The size of your commercial refrigerator is crucial to a kitchen which functions at an optimum level. The size of the fridge affects the life of the product which is stored. The inside size as well as the outside size play a vital role in choosing a commercial fridge. Here are some factors that can help you choose the right sized commercial fridge for your needs.

  1. Compressor placement

The inside dimension (measured in cubic feet) of your fridge can be affected by the compressor placement. A unit may sometimes be longer due to the compressor being on the fridge’s side. If the compressor is placed at the back, leave 2-4inches breathing space.

  1. Outside dimensions

If you have less space, measuring the outside dimensions is perhaps how you can determine what kind of fridge to buy, as it has to fit into your space. Width is also a factor when you don’t have space. Sometimes some widths may be consistent with the internal cubic ft. i.e. 27” Reach-In fridges have 20-25cubic ft inside.

However, you should remember that sometimes two units may have the same outside dimension but different cubic ft. inside. This is why you should measure both inside and outside dimensions before deciding on your unit.

  1. Door number

The number of fridge doors also gives you a good idea about the available space inside the fridge. Doors may be full size, half size or 1 and 2 doors. Think about accessibility when you’re looking how many doors the fridge has. Usually, each door is thought to be a separate section. 2 doors is equivalent to 2 sections. The door number helps you know how to organize your food.

  1. Type of fridge

Bar coolers have sliding top doors which are considered equivalent to side doors while sizing the unit.

Reach-Ins have up to 3 doors which means 3 sections and are quite big. You can buy this type of fridge when you have a lot of different types of product to be stored.

The size of walk-in refrigerators vary greatly. They come in pre-decided sizes, usually, but you can also get them 100% custom made according to the size you need. Manufacturers of commercial fridges Sydney can do this for you.

Display cases come in many sizes. Their size depends on the product that would be displayed and where they would be kept.

Worktop/ under-counter or Prep fridges have up to 3 sections/doors with each door measuring up to 7.5 cubic feet.

  1. Size according to product

The three things you have to keep in mind when you are sizing the refrigerator according to product are:

  • the amount of product you have to store
  • the size of each product
  • the number of customers you would be serving
  1. Size according to space

If there is space then you can buy any size of commercial fridge according to your particular requirement. But if you don’t have much space in the kitchen, then it’s best to have one big fridge instead of having separate freezers and other freezing units.

Before buying, you should check all the features thoroughly and ensure they match your needs.

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