S’mores have always been the perfect accompaniment to an outdoors adventure. Whether you are going on a trip, or will be camping in your backyard, you need to ensure that you use some kind of fire pit or ring to properly facilitate you and your family’s gooey feast. Then, you will need some of the world’s most titillating s’mores recipes and methods for the most delicious, melting yet crunchy delights possible. S’mores are very easy to make, and making something fancier than the traditional recipe is not a big stretch at all.

  1. The S’mores Dip

This is a very convenient and fun way to enjoy s’mores. You will need a pan, marshmallows of your choice, chocolate of your choice, and cookies of your choice.

  • Coat the bottom of the pan in the chocolate of your choice. You can make the layer as thick as you like, just make sure that the entire face is covered evenly.
  • Place as many marshmallows side-by-side as possible across the top of the chocolate base until there is no space left.
  • Place the pan over the outdoor fire pit and wait for both the marshmallows and the chocolate to reach the desired gooeyness.
  • Use your cookies of choice to dip into the pan.
  1. Fruity Cinnamon S’mores

For a healthier alternative to traditional s’mores, try adding a fresh touch to the s’mores with some fruit of your choice. Bananas are the best when melted, and gel perfectly with chocolate and marshmallow. Adding in cinnamon really brings out the flavor of the fruit and adds a sensational touch.

  • Slice whichever fruit you wish to use into flat, even cuts.
  • Make a sandwich with the cookies, fruit, chocolate, and marshmallows of your choice, and then skewer it all together with a wooden or metal spike.
  • Get your outdoor fire pit blazing, and then hold your fruity s’mores over the flames until perfectly done. Be careful not to burn the fruit, as their high fructose content can easily catch alight.


  1. Lemon Meringue S’mores

Combine two of the world’s favorite treats by adding a zesty flavor to your s’mores. All you need is to add some lemon curd and small meringues to your cookies, chocolate, and lemon curd.

  • Make a sandwich out of the cookies, carefully putting together the marshmallow, chocolate, lemon curd, and meringue in the order of your choice. Skewer the contents together.
  • Hold your s’mores over an outdoor fire pit until perfectly done.
  1. Peanut Butter and Chocolate S’mores

Peanut butter lovers, welcome to the ultimate s’more experience! Simply add a peanut butter cup of your choice to your s’more combination.

  • Carefully place the peanut butter cup in between the chocolate, marshmallow, and cookies. Skewer the ingredients together.
  • Now place the skewered s’mores over an open fire pit and wait for the perfect melt.
  1. Ginger and Peach S’mores

This is an all-time favorite for the more sophisticated s’mores enthusiasts. You will need some gingersnaps, sliced peaches, and cookies.

  • Slice as many peaches as you can into even cuts, and then add as many gingersnaps as you like along with marshmallows, in between cookies. Now skewer the ingredients securely together with a spike.
  • Hold the s’mores over an open fire pit for as long as you wish, being careful not the burn the gingersnaps or peach slices.

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