Are you planning on moving to a new home or place of work? If you are, there’s a very good chance that hiring a removalist to assist you with the move will make your life much easier in many ways.

Some people have very few possessions, and even access to a van, but most of us have seemingly countless things to transport to our new homes and workplaces and few of us have access to a van or truck. And even if you did, you’d still have to load it properly, ensuring nothing breaks or get damaged along the way, plus there’s the heavy lifting involved, the need for insurance and so much more. Here are five reasons why hiring removalists for residential removals in Perth will make your life easier.

One – There’s Less Chance of You Hurting Yourself

The number of people who end up injured while relocating, some quite seriously, is worrying to say the least. There’s often a lot of heavy lifting involved when moving to a new home or place of business and many people injure themselves trying to move heavy, bulky items like fridges and dishwashers, as well as photocopiers and office desks.

Not only is there an art to lifting items like these, especially in narrow corridors and stairwells, but you also have to be strong and in good shape physically. This is something to think about, especially if you know you’re going to struggle to move that two-door fridge up a flight of stairs into your new home.

Two – Removalists Have the Equipment

Not only do they have the techniques down pat, but they also have the required equipment. A van or truck is what most people think about with regard to equipment, but there are also trolleys, not to mention packing equipment like bubble wrap, sturdy cardboard boxes and more.

Three – Your Possessions Will Be Insured

Accidents can happen when relocating, so if you don’t want to take any unnecessary risks with your possessions, hiring a removalist will prove beneficial. It’s always good to check with the removalist to see what insurance options they offer, so feel free to contact for more information about their insurance policies.

Four – Haven’t You Got Other Things to Do?

There’s so much more involved in moving to a new home or workplace than the actual relocation alone. By hiring removalists you can free up time to work on other things, such as arrange phone and internet connections, clean the new home in readiness for your arrival and so much more!

Five – You’ll Still Have Friends

If you think your friends will jump for joy at the thought of helping you move, please reconsider, after all, would you like to get a call from a mate asking you to help them move a monstrous couch down the stairs and hoist onto a trailer? Chances are you wouldn’t, so don’t make your friends suffer, hire a removalist and you’ll still have friends to invite to the housewarming party at your new home.

Hiring removalists makes life easier, not to mention safer, when moving to a new home or office.

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