5 Interesting Facts About Smart Home Luxury Apartments

smart home

Launch Your Home Into the Future With the Latest Tech

Did you know smart technology started making itself at home in the 1980s? That’s right! Along with disposable cameras and personal computers, people in the 80s witnessed the invention of programmable thermostats, and our homes haven’t been the same since.

Get ready to take your humble abode from basic to futuristic with these fun facts about smart home luxury apartments.

1. Internet of Things Is Here to Make Life Easy

When we say the Internet of Things (IoT), we don’t mean the kind you order a new pair of shoes from. The Internet of Things refers to an enormous network of smart devices that are communicating and collecting data to make our lives ultra-convenient. If our smart devices weren’t equipped with high-tech sensors to connect to the IoT, you wouldn’t be able to get the real-time data you need to make your home responsive at the touch of a button, or the sound of your voice.

One of the coolest parts about the IoT is that you can turn almost anything into a smart device. For instance, light bulbs, toys, TVs, and even cars can be connected to the Internet of Things. There are even areas of large cities filled with sensors to help us understand and control almost every aspect of our environment.

2. Millennials Have Love For Smart Homes

It shouldn’t surprise you that millennials want smart features for their luxury apartments in Overland Park. As a matter of fact, millennials are the biggest advocates for smart home tech and have been bringing their lifestyles into the future by equipping their homes and vehicles with everything they need to precisely suit their lifestyle.

In fact, there are over 100 million American vehicles that are already connected to the internet of things. Which is a tremendous leap from only 23 million vehicles in 2014.

3. You Can Voice Control It All

More than 70 percent of Americans are searching for more control in their lives. No, not self-control – voice control! Even though you love searching for your TV remote in your couch cushions regularly, voice control offers a little more convenience. Not only can you control your TV, but you can also tell your voice assistant, like Alexa or Google, to do things like turn off the lights, feed your dog, or adjust the thermostat.

However, people with physical impairments receive the biggest benefits of voice control, because it gives them easy access to our smart devices. With inclusive smart technology, we can solve many issues people with disabilities face every day.

4. Smart Tech Means Simple Home Protection

Of course, smart technology is super-fun, but it’s also super-useful, too! Smart devices are excellent at protecting your home and belongings, which is why over 50 percent of Americans who buy smart devices for home security. You can monitor your front door and let people in your home, like the cleaning crew, when you’re away or out for the day.

The best part is that you don’t even need to own a home to get all the security benefits of smart technology. Many luxury apartment complexes already come with smart locks and features to make your life safe, simple, and opulent.

5. Smart Devices Save You Time and Energy

It seems like smart home technology would only add small conveniences to your life. However, if you’ve ever tried to hold an arm full of shopping bags, a hot coffee, and your purse while you’re trying to unlock your door with a traditional key, you definitely spilled your coffee and dropped your bags.

Not only are you gaining easy access to your home, you’re also saving yourself tons of time. People who use smart devices save more than 182 hours a year or about a week and a half of time spared doing basic tasks. Turn on your SUV with a remote start, adjust the thermostat from under the covers, or unlock the door while you’re cooking a special meal for your loved ones at the touch of a button.

Smart Home Technology Is Here to Stay – and It’s only Getting Better

Nearly anyone who wants a new home in 2022 is looking for at least some smart home features, and most Americans think smart tech should be readily available to buyers and renters within the next decade.

It’s time to stop living in the past. From color-changing LED light bulbs to USB outlets, the future of finding a home is looking brighter than ever!

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