Whilst there may be other rooms in your home which can easily accumulate clutter, such as your kitchen or living area, there’s nothing quite like the bedroom when it comes to clutter buildup. The bedroom is a prime area for the accumulation of clutter. There are particular areas in the bedroom which seem to be made for clutter. Here’s a look at the top three worst clutter areas in your bedroom – and how you can keep them clean.

  • The nightstand or bedside table 

Most beds have one or two nightstands or bedside tables on each side, but nightstands are infamous for clutter. Alarm clocks, boxes of tissue, reading glasses, and books and magazines can easily build up on a nightstand, and a cluttered bedside table can make your bedroom look messier than it really is. The best way to have a clutter-free nightstand is to clear off the surface and empty the drawers. Sort through the various nightstand items and remove those which don’t belong in your bedroom, or throw away items which are no longer used.

If you want a well-organised nightstand, just keep a few essential items on-hand: a lamp, an alarm clock, a box of tissues, a framed photograph, and one book or magazine. If you have enough space, you can put a potted plant there as well.

Your nightstand’s drawers should only contain, as a general rule, hand lotions or moisturisers, one pen and a paper pad or notebook, a torch, lip balm, and reading glasses.

  • The drawers of your dresser

You should also pay attention to your dresser drawers if you want a less disorganised bedroom. The problem with drawers is that we tend to pile things into them without thinking, and they end up being filled with things we don’t need, preventing us from easily finding something that we really need. Again, as a rule, your dresser drawers should contain only socks and underwear, pyjamas and nightgowns, bathing suits, exercise wear, t-shirts and sweatpants, scarves, knitted hats, and mittens, and jewellery (if placed in a divider). Other items, such as trousers, jumpers, delicate garments (such as silk blouses or dresses), and collared shirts should be placed in a closet.

  • The closet 

The closet is one of the most cluttered zones in any bedroom, but you can organise it by sorting all your clothing and dividing them according to category (such as trousers, blouses or shirts, etc.). Make use of closet organisers such as hanging containers, shoe racks, and different kinds of hangers. But if you really want to have a truly organised closet, you can have made to measure wardrobe doors installed. These wardrobes are fully-customised, with a design that fits all your requirements. With this, your closet can be clutter-free in no time.

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