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Who doesn’t love a well groomed and maintained garden. However, maintaining a beautiful garden requires a lot of work and attention. Constant efforts are required in form of pruning, getting rid of weeds, mowing the grass, cutting down overgrown branches and shrubs and much more, to keep the garden looking tidy and pleasing. While most people that love their gardens don’t mind going through these troubles, getting rid of garden waste sometimes poses a problem.

Having your garden waste lying around the house is a much serious problem than it is given credit for.  It not only compromises the beauty of your garden, having waste lying about can be the cause of serious health and environmental issues. This is why, it is very important to remove and dispose all your garden waste properly. While many of us believe that we are perfectly capable of disposing garden and other wastes, it is rarely true. Most of us lack the knowledge, and equipment which is required for effective garden waste removal. However, hiring a professional garden waste disposal service can prove to the perfect solution for your garden waste disposal needs. Read further to find out how:

Inorganic waste management

Many people believe that whatever waste is produced from gardening is all green, and organic waste. While it is true that a major portion is actually organic, there are certain non-organic waste products that need to be disposed off differently. Waste products like timber, wood, gravel, pebbles, soil, and dirt are inorganic and should never be disposed off with other organic, recyclable waste products.

Although it is true that any of these inorganic products are recyclable, it is important to understand that the process to do so is very different from what is used for organic waste. Most of us do not have the right equipment like a large truck, or a home chipper or mulcher or an ute to process this waste. Moreover, these waste products are bulky and heavy so you cannot just stuff it in your car and move it. For the same reasons, even the city council garbage disposal will refuse to accept this waste.

Organic waste management

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A major portion of your garden waste is organic. It is easy to recycle, but requires certain techniques to be done effectively. For instance, when organic material decomposes, it releases methane gas, which is a very strong greenhouse gas. Sure the local councils have set up facilities where green waste is properly converted into mulch, these are few in numbers, and charge a fixed fee from anyone that uses them. For instance, there are only two green waste processing facilities in Ipswich. Transporting your garden waste to these can prove to be a task.

Professional garden waste removal

Although, when it comes to garden waste disposal Ipswich council has made considerable efforts to effectively collect and dispose the waste generated by various households and commercial properties. However, council garden waste disposal services are limited. Especially when it comes to cleaning up your whole yard, you are left with too much waste to possibly fit inside one of the bins provided by the council. Moreover, sorting the recyclable and non-recyclable elements from the huge pile of waste can prove to be highly time consuming, and let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their weekends going through trash. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, most of us are not equipped with enough knowledge to be able to properly dispose the waste, neither do most of us possess the right kind of equipment to do so.

It is thus clear that you need a professional garden waste disposal service to take care of your garden waste. This doesn’t just ensure responsible and effective waste management, it gives you more time to concentrate on the garden itself.

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