Every extraordinary piece of art comes into being as a result of deep and profound imagination backed by intricacies and technical skills possessed by very few gifted individuals. For it is true that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, it doesn’t mean that every art work carries the features required to place it amongst the “Art Marvels”. For instance, an original Pablo Picasso painting will always carry a higher value than then one painted by any other not so renowned painter.

There are various details and thoughts at work behind a single piece of art which may be invisible to an ordinary eye; but for art lovers, these details are the very reason why they are eager to spend a fortune on acquiring these pieces of art. Similarly, a rug design also carries such artistic characteristics.

The area rugs are a form of art which can be differentiated on the basis of quality and design. Like paintings, rugs also add value to the visual essence and ambiance of a particular place. Rugs can be hanged on the wall or placed on the floor.

Rugs that are truly artistic in nature are the depictions of the craftsman’s imagination. Either basic or greatly intricate, an area rug can serve as the main contributor to the beauty of a lounge, bed room, office, restaurant etc. Like paintings, rugs also carry a wide mix of vivid colors and extraordinary designs. With placement of an attractive rug, you can make your home look more majestic and grand.


Different Styles of Area Rugs

As art has different forms, so does area rugs. These creations of man have been classified into various categories, few of which are provided below:

Casual-style Rugs

Casual rugs follow a contemporary or basic pattern or sometimes do not follow any pattern whatsoever. A straightforward or monochromatic rug is what qualifies for this category. Casual rugs are created from natural materials such as bamboo, jute and wool.

Traditional/Contemporary style Rugs

The design of Contemporary rugs is built around geometric compositions and figures. Such a design incorporates geometric shapes, waves and scribbles, stripes and striking circles.

The rugs belonging to this category usually carry bright colors.
In contrast to the pale/subdue colors of Casual-style rugs, Contemporary-style rugs have dazzling and catchy colors all throughout their composition coupled with bright shades that never fail to depart an everlasting impact on the audience.

Scenery-style Rugs

These rugs are identified or sorted by the scenery or floral designs. The sceneries are available in both striking and subdue shades. This kind of rugs may also feature creatures, living beings and pictorial scenes as well. Designs involving food such as vegetables and fruits are common in scenery-style rugs.

Persian-style Rugs

Persian-style rugs are the most distinct of them all. Their primary design features are inspired by Persian art which includes multi-sided outlines of vines and floral characters, including scrollwork along the fringes. These rugs are usually bordered, with inner area filled with intricate and baffling designs.

Outdoor-style Rugs

Outdoor-style Rugs are the hybrid class, usually containing a blend of geometric and floral characters. Outside floor rugs can come in any of the styles given above, and have the tendency to withstand any challenge posed by the environment.

The rug style, if chosen for decoration purposes, depicts one’s personality and lifestyle, so it is highly recommended that one choose a rug keeping both fictional and emotional factors in mind.

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