For many people, the thought of wearing safety glasses for projects at home does not really cross their mind. Safety glasses are seen as something you need to wear in a chemistry lab or a construction site, not in your garage. However, there are plenty of times where you should actually be wearing safety glasses at home. Here are just a couple of time that this safety precaution should come into play.

Working With Dangerous Tools

When you are working with any kind of dangerous tool, having protection for your eyes is a must. Any sort of power tool should be accompanied with safety glasses, just to be on the safe side. While some tools are more dangerous than others, each one poses at least a small risk, and you should not take any chances when it comes to your eyes. Things like saws, drills, and sanders all have the ability to spray debris into your eye, which can cause damage.

Safety Glasses are even more important if you are not familiar with the tool you are going to be using. If you are not sure how a tool operates, or what to expect once you start using it, you should play it safe and put on a pair of glasses. Unfamiliarity with a tool can come when you either just purchased a new tool, are borrowing it from someone, or are renting a new tool. While wearing safety glasses is always recommended, you will be better able to judge for yourself if they are needed after you have used the tool at least a few times.

In Cramped Locations

One of the challenges that comes with working on projects at home is that there is not always enough space. We are forced to work on projects in our kitchens, garages, or basements, which means the area can get cramped. When the work area is cramped, there is more likely to be accidents, which means you should have safety goggles on just in case. Tight spaces can lead to knocking things over, spilling things, or just not having an adequate amount of room to use a tool. All of these things can lead to eye injuries if you are not careful.

Working With Chemicals

Besides power tools, you will also want to have eye protection if you are going to be working with dangerous chemicals. Many chemicals can have an irritating impact on the eyes, and some others can be downright dangerous. Cleaning supplies, when improperly mixed, can cause problems to not only your eyes, but are hazardous to breath in.

If you plan on working with different chemicals, be sure you have the right kind of safety glasses before you begin. You will want a pair that will keep the chemicals from getting into your eyes. You may also want to consider getting some kind of respiratory mask, to prevent yourself from breathing in the fumes.

Outdoor Work

Lastly, safety glasses are a good idea if you are going to be working outdoors. Outdoor work comes with hazards such as getting poked in the eye with a branch, or getting dirt in your eye from the wind. These injuries may sound minor, but they could end up causing you some rather serious problems, especially if you are handing some sort of tool at the time it happens. Safety glasses are a quick precaution that will keep the unwanted debris out of your eye.

Play It Safe

Safety glasses are rather cheap to buy, and easy to wear. If you plan on doing work around your home, it is a good idea to invest a little bit of money in a good pair, and to make it a habit of wearing them. While you may think that you are getting along just fine without them, if an accident occurs, you will wish that you had taken the precaution.

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