Designing and outfitting a restaurant is not an easy matter. You want your restaurant to be stylish and aesthetically-pleasing, but comfortable and functional as well. Your restaurant has to be carefully designed and decorated, and part of its design – a significant part, in fact – is the chairs you choose. While there may be many restaurant chairs for sale for commercial establishments, you need to choose your chairs carefully to fit your restaurant’s theme, your customers, and other important factors. Here’s what you should look for in the proper restaurant chairs: choosing wisely.

What are you serving, and who are you catering to?

A diner or casual restaurant

The first questions you should ask yourself are: what are you serving, and who are you catering to? Just think about it – if you have a menu with a price range between $10 to $12 or $15 for entrees, then you have a casual dining establishment. For this, you’d want restaurant chairs that are simple yet functional. If you have a fancy and chic upholstered chair in your restaurant, this won’t fit your theme and will just look out of place. One tip: simple chairs made of metal with upholstered vinyl seats and ladder backs are often a good match for restaurants with a simple, down-to-earth menu and customers.

A fine dining restaurant

If you have a fine dining restaurant, on the other hand, then you can change the look and feel of your chairs to accommodate your restaurant theme. Plush, stylish chairs are usually a good choice for fine dining establishments serving entrees that range from $40 to $65, and a restaurant with some durable, high-quality, and classically-designed wooden chairs can look very attractive indeed.

A gourmet restaurant, coffee shop, or café

If your restaurant specializes in gourmet food, or you have a coffee shop or café where diners may stay longer, then you can invest in more comfortable restaurant chairs, such as restaurant chairs for sale from that encourage your patrons to stay longer and fully enjoy their meals.

A restaurant offering outdoor dining

If you have a restaurant offering outdoor dining with its own patio or terrace, then you may want to invest in restaurant chairs that are more versatile and can withstand the elements. Suitable materials for such chairs include aluminum or wrought iron, which not only look good, but are well-built and durable, too.

The point is this: when choosing chairs for your restaurant, whether it’s a new restaurant or an existing restaurant going through a renovation, it’s important to take your time and consider your theme, menu, and clientele before making your choice. Although you may be able to get some good bargains, you have to assess your other requirements first – and only then can you make the right choice.

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