There is nothing wrong with buying dried logs in bulk. If you are saving money using this method, you are doing it the right way. The only problem is that once it reaches winter, these dried logs could get wet. Therefore, before you think about buying dried logs in bulk, you need to know some crucial storage tips to keep them dry.


Split the wood

It is easy to keep the wood dry if you split it up and store it in different locations. Even if a portion of it gets wet because of winter, the ones you kept in other storage locations will remain safe and you can still use them.

Dry the logs first

After you receive the logs at home, the next step is to dry them in the open air.Once you have finished drying, you can cover them. Make sure though that if you decide to dry the logs, you check the weather. If it rains while drying, you will be in trouble.

Use a wooden pallet

When you use a wooden pallet for storage, you can keep the logs at the bottom dry.Sometimes, the logs survive the moist environment but won’t stay dry because of the water underneath. When using a wooden pallet, you can keep the logs dry even with heavy down pours.

Stack the logs properly

Stacking is crucial for keeping the logs dry. You need to ensure that you leave plenty of spaces for air circulation. Leave gaps in between the logs. Proper ventilation will help the logs remain dry, and you won’t have a hard time using them. Leaving a space in between logs will also help to keep them dry. The ruleis that there needs to be around 5-10 cm of gap between logs.

Use a tarpaulin

If you want to cover the logs, you can use a tarp. It helps seal the entire pile to prevent air circulation and keep the moisture from damaging the whole supply. Make sure though that you still have the sides uncovered for proper ventilation.

Build a storage space

If you don’t have a space for the logs at all, you can build one. It does not take much time to do it yourself. As long as there is a roof and solid foundation,you can keep the logs in perfect condition. You also need to find an area at home where you can be sure that the wood won’t get wet due to weather conditions.

Buying kiln dried logs in London does not have to be expensive. You might think that the cost will be high, but when you buy in bulk, you can get some really good deals.Besides, the logs will last long and will remain useful even if you wait for months before using them – especially if you follow our tips.

A final thought is that dried logs will be useless if they get wet. Therefore,you need to think of how to keep them protected first, before purchasing in bulk.

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