The suspended toilets are not an invention of the last batch, already known for some time, what is more recent is its popularization. Elitist elements were quite high prices put them within reach of a few before.

Now apparently the production costs have been reduced enough and healthcare brands offer this kind of, comparable to traditional installation at very competitive prices.


The sinks, toilets and bidets suspended have become common elements that anyone can include in the decor of your bathroom. One of the advantages grades to be installed on the wall and not resting on the ground is to allow cleaning of the bathroom in a very fast and sanitary manner.

We can find many lines covering any decor. Do not think that we will only find hypermodern and super incomodos models.


Instead we find even the most classic designs in this mode. So there is something for everyone.

The installation of these devices is not difficult, as we have a certain level as yourselfers, usually consist of a metal plate that is firmly attached to the wall and then porcelain portion is fixed to said support. But if we are not at that level we can always call a professional plumber will have no problem installing it have already become a very popular line of health.

The only thing we have to keep in mind when purchasing sinks, bidets and toilets is suspended sure and ask the seller for the system to be horizontal drain that may be the weak point of these devices if they are not properly designed.

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