Trends come and trends go, isn’t that the truth? What is fashionable today, could well not be in the next year, never mind in a month or two! The only design style that is always the most hip, and whose appearance always looks sleek and dapper is the timeless style, and timeless it is! Let’s take a little look at what makes it that way……….

Functionality and Classy Furnishings

Timeless design furnishings should be as comfortable as can be! If you are thinking of having a piece of furniture, e.g. a sofa, for many years try to make it the most comfortable one you can obtain. Keep a lookout for sturdy, strong pieces and classy time-honoured materials. Try to make sure that the style is not too fashionable or dull!

design changes

Illustrations: Lauren Nassef

  • Tip – A respectable and elegant sofa, chair or table can give a room that timeless look!

Use Trendy Patterns and Colours for Highlighting

Timeless decor determine fabrics that will withstand years and years of changing trends! They surpass all those changes. Never waste time buying foundational furniture in the season’s trendy colour. That season doesn’t last long and it will soon be another colour leading the way. Interested in furniture hire in Perth? Make sure they have everything you need. Select colours and patterns, especially when purchasing large items that will still look awesome when this season’s whatever trends have come and passed!

  • Tip – Should you be fond of seasonal colours and styles, try adding it to layers of decor like lamps, art, tableware, pillows, bedding, etc. These can be easily changed when you tire of them, or they go out of style!

Neutral Colours Never Go Out of Timeless Style  

When it comes to colours, neutral colours are the best that there is. Absolutely timeless and a must for all lovers of timeless design. The great thing is that neutrals work with practically any other colour or style!

  • Tip – Neutrals never lose their style and they conjure a clean, fresh feel and are the archetype of timeless!

Don’t Make the Mistake of Overcrowding an Area

If you really want to get that timeless design style just right, try to respect the space that it’s in. It’s a much better idea for furniture to be a little on the sparse side than crowded together! Timeless design style proudly honours and happily displays each and every piece of furniture!

  • Tip – This may be a little difficult for some as maybe you do love to fill your rooms!

Focus on Detail

Spend some extra time to research and think about all décor detail before you choose it. Make consideration on lighting, seating, mirrors, artwork, candles and curios. In beautiful Australia and in need of anything regarding interior furniture fitouts? Go with the experts who have the experience and flawless reputation. With that timeless look, less is usually more outstanding. Ask yourself if what you favour to put inside a room is something that you adore and is really worthy of the space in that room!

  • Tip – Give yourself some free time to relax in a room and daydream/fantasise about how it could look. You won’t regret it.

Timeless – as the name implies: – here and looking great yesterday, today and tomorrow!

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