As your daughter grows older she will want her room to age with her; the items and furnishings that were so loved when she was young will no longer be suitable.

This constant demand for change can mean that it feels like you are always updating her room; this can be a costly affair! However, it is possible to avoid the need for complete redecoration by utilizing the following simple ideas:


A desk space is more important than you think

A desk is vital, regardless of your child’s age. From the moment they are first able to draw to the times when they have mountains of homework. The trick is to keep the desk simple and plain. It can be accessorized with whatever pen holders or stationary is currently popular with your daughter. The same applies to the chair, keep it plain and add cushions which reflect the room color scheme.

Pink rules!

Pink is a very girly color and your young daughter will probably love it. However, as you child grows they will want more subtle hues and these are best achieved by using floral patterns and pastel colors to create a room suitable for a young lady. It can easily be kept young looking by adding age related items; such as a Disney clock.

Painting the walls for an added wow effect

A plain wall can be separated into squares using masking paper, it is then possible to add a variety of colors into a room; and still easily return it to a neutral background if required.


These are essential, the most practical and cost effective approach is to create built in cupboards and wardrobes – as you daughter ages the doors can be changed from pink to plain, or whatever the current trend is. The cupboard can remain the same forever. Don’t forget it is possible to build cupboards into under eaves spaces or recessed areas.

Focus on the furniture

Essential furniture for any bedroom includes a bed, bedside table and a chest of drawers. These items should be purchased in wood or metal effect; this will ensure they compliment any color scheme.

The bedspreads can be changed as often as required to ensure the furniture fits the required theme.

Mixing old trends with current trends

It is essential to mix the old and the new, the sentimental mementos of her younger years with the modern trends. This will help to keep the room balanced; celebrating the modern and the old.

It will also ensure that the room has a unique feel which reflects your daughter’s personality and sense of style.

Pictures and curtains

A collage of photos can look fantastic on the wall and remind your daughter of her younger years. The other pictures on the wall can be easily changed to reflect her changing tastes; it can also create a unique talking point to have several pictures grouped together showing the room in previous formats.

As for the curtains, make sure they complement the overall décor of their bedroom. Pastel pinks and yellows are ideal choice because they add warm into any space.


Young children need space to play, wherever possible the bed should be to one side of the room and create a cozy space to sleep, possibly with a comfortable window seat for reading.

This play space will gradually shift into the changing, making-up and socializing space as your daughter brings her friend’s home. The bedroom should, ideally, have separate sections to reflect the different needs being placed on the room.

Allow your daughter to make decisions

As soon as your daughter is old enough to communicate her ideas then you should listen and involve her in the decisions. This will make sure that the room feels like hers and will help her to respect it; and look after it.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any room is that it reflects the person whose room it is. If this means having every color of the rainbow in the room or floral patterns on every wall then this is what should be done. Your daughter may require bold colors now and soft, girly colors next week.

By keeping the colors restricted to the accessories this is possible. The greatest benefit of this is for your daughter; her room will always feel like the safe haven it is.

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