Orange is the new black, but black remains beautiful as well. But why would you choose black when it comes to your window blinds? Some people think that black is better at filtering out light. Others feel black is edgy and modern and create a unique look. If you hope that black is better at blocking light out, you would be wrong.

In fact, there are just two things that determine how well a blind will control the light, and the color is not one of them. The first is the material and the second is how they actually block light. For instance, faux wood blinds are much better at stopping light from coming in than what vinyl blinds are. You can also choose cordless blinds, no-holes blinds, or even proper black out blinds if you want to stop the light completely.

Although black blinds won’t stop light from coming in, therefore, it will absorb a lot of your room’s natural light. The darker the color you choose, the more light is absorbed. The lighter the color of your blinds, the more light that gets reflected. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick black blinds, however. If you are looking for a darkened room, then blinds are absolutely perfect. Home theater rooms, bedrooms, and rooms where you want to play with artificial light, for instance, are perfectly suited for black blinds.

Do try to avoid black blinds in a child’s room, however. The darkened overall ambiance may be somewhat frightening to them. Teenagers, by contrast, will likely ask for black blinds because they want to be edgy and modern.

Examples of When Black Blinds Work

  1. A contemporary room. Black contrasts with just about everything and creates a really modern overall look. If you have a room with a lot of white tones, then black blinds will look amazing. Imagine white walls and white furniture, with a few splashes of black in picture frames and blinds, for instance. This is a very cool style, but perhaps not overly suited for households with children and pets!
  2. A classic, elegant room. In a living room, for instance, you are likely to have walls in a natural color, including white. Putting up a few splashes of black, such as a chandelier and the blinds, works really well, particularly if you have wood tones (either light or dark) in your furniture. This style works best in large rooms, so as not to make it look crammed. Make sure you add some accessories like pictures and rugs in bold and bright colors. Depending on which windows or doors you want to hang your blinds on, vertical blinds work particularly well with this style.

Remember that black won’t go well in a room that is very hot and sunny. Because it absorbs the light, it will turn the room even hotter. Furthermore, black being the absence of light often fades when exposed to the sun.

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