Walk In ShowerOne of the best things you can do for your bathroom is to have a walk in shower. Why? Because it gives your bathroom a truly unique, elegant touch, and it’s a feature that can transform the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Plus, a walk in shower is not only elegant – it can be endlessly practical as well, especially if your bathroom is too small for a bath. And yes, if you had the impression that walk in showers are only for big bathrooms, you are quite wrong. You can also install walk in showers in smaller bathrooms as corner walk in showers or square walk in showers.

But when you finally have your walk in shower, how can you make it even more unique? Here are some excellent ideas to transform your walk in shower into an absolutely luxurious feature in your bathroom.

Make it your very own private spa

You can create your very own ‘private’ spa in your walk in shower simply by adding a few elements. To begin, you can have a custom-made walk in shower bench installed. The bench does not have to be complex, and it can easily be installed in a day. You would also need a combination of elements and textures, such as a supersized rain showerhead, some aromatherapy and essential oils, and more. Have a recessed shelf built for one wall of the walk in shower so you can place your toiletries there. And, the best part: install a steam generator for your walk in shower so you can enjoy a steam and shower experience at the same time.

Be inspired by nature

You can still have a completely modern bathroom whilst making use of nature’s elements in your walk in shower. For instance, rather than installing tiles for the walls and flooring, you can choose stone, wood, or other natural materials. Better yet, combine these natural materials to create a truly nature-inspired look for your bathroom.

Blend the outdoors with the indoors

If you have plenty of space that you don’t really know what to do with, you have the option of creating both an indoor and outdoor shower area. The indoor walk in shower can be enclosed with glass, but the outdoor shower area can be enclosed by a wall. You can even connect the two shower areas with a partition or a glass wall. This way, the light can filter through to your indoor walk in shower and infuse it with light, and the outdoor shower area will feel more comfortable as well. Another option: if you do not want an outdoor shower area, you can still stick with the indoor walk in shower but bring the illusion of the outdoors to the interiors with a nice big window.


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