Energy Efficient

With increasing trend of energy efficiency, people are having a lot of misconceptions and believe in myths that restrict them from enhancing performance of their homes. Sometimes, the thoughts are so strong and old that no one would dare to question them. Yes, people, with less knowledge, start to follow them, which lead to inefficiency and more concerns. Even, there may be some myths that were true in the past but, just like time changes everything, they had also become outdated. This approach results in reduced comfort, rising energy bills and need of unnecessary work like maintenance, repair etc.

In order to avoid such problems, the key is to start with understanding the myths and making decisions accordingly. Yes, homeowners are required to know what is right and what is wrong for energy conservation so that they can take appropriate steps. Although energy efficient Edmonton windows can work in this regard, Windows Doors Mart suggests to clear the following myths:

Myth 01: Energy conservation is the second name of energy efficiency– the biggest and most common misconception! To be clear, efficiency refers to using lesser energy for a task. For example, CFL bulbs are more efficient in maintaining light in the rooms than regular incandescent bulbs. On the contrary, conservation is to control the need of energy through behavior. For instance, behavior would be to turn thermostat to a lower temperature.

Myth 02: The setting on thermostat is responsible to increase or decrease internal temperature, meaning that inhabitants are rest assured to have warm atmosphere during winter while cold in summer. Since furnaces and air conditioning units work in the same way, thermostat setting would not be a considerable aspect. In fact, homeowners are wasting more energy than before because the system would move to set a new target.

Myth 03: Turning off an electronic item would save power. Well, to be precise, reality is just the opposite! Most of the appliances use power no matter if they are switched off. Even, their consumption is similar to what they usually do when turned on. So, in order to save money, it is recommended to unplug them.

Myth 04: Apart from having faulty Edmonton windows, energy loss would be high if inhabitants keep on switching the lights on and off. Windows Doors Mart suggests to keep them on until there is a time when they are not needed anymore as this way, homeowners can save some power. Reality says that people should turn off the lights even if they are leaving the room for a minute.

Myth 05: Keeping old Edmonton windows would ensure less expense, meaning that homeowners should not replace them. Truth totally denies the fact by stating that every window type needs replacement after 15 years or so because it would become drafty, leaky, sticky or even worse, causes utility bills to go with sky rocket speed. With new Edmonton windows, homeowners are rest assured about energy efficiency as they are equipped with glass coatings and special glazing that prevent UR rays from affecting internal items. Since the components are made up of high quality and durable material, they would need less maintenance and promise maximum productivity.

So, being a homeowner, avoid believing in such myths that may affect energy efficiency and overall performance of the home. Just consult with the experts and rest assured to live in a comfortable environment.

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