When you know what you are looking for, you can easily choose the right landscaping company. As the professionals say, the best time for landscaping is in spring where you can dive in with the excitement headfirst as you sample your favorite landscape additions. If you are the kind of person who enjoys the sweaty, dirty, and tiring landscaping chores, you may consider DIY landscape designing.

However, if like many homeowners in Colorado Springs, you run a hectic schedule or the mowing, weeding, pruning, and mulching is not your thing, you may want to hire Paradise Ponds to do your landscaping. Selecting a landscaping company requires consideration of critical factors. The following are five things to look for in any Colorado Springs landscaping company before making the hiring decision.


It seems rather obvious that you should consider reputation before price. However, some homeowners are drawn by the lure of bargain adverts and forget to check the references of the companies they hire. Cheap can be expensive, and you should never make this mistake. You may hire a landscaping company to trim your bush for just five dollars, only to realize the following season that your shrub is barely alive. Expertise can cost money, but the results speak for themselves.


Your landscape can be so attached to your personality that any alterations can affect how you function. The Colorado Springs landscaping company you hire must know how to treat each plant so that you can always have a beautiful homely environment which adds to your property’s value. This knowledge base can come from years of experience, or from qualifications.


For a company to secure the necessary equipment for maintaining your landscape, they must have resolved to invest resources into it. Think about the trucks, pruning shears, lawnmowers, trailers, and aerators. If you find a landscape company without some of these necessary tools, just move on to the next one. A company worth its salt must be willing to invest in the right equipment so they can do the job the right way. For your landscape and lawn to thrive, they require a high level and variety of professional equipment.


If the company you hire does not have a worker’s compensation policy, you could be held liable in the event one of the workers gets hurt while working at your property. The law in Colorado requires lawn care companies to have workers compensation insurance. Before you hire a landscaping company, check the presence of the insurance policy and its validity.

Proper Licensing

In Colorado, it is mandatory for any person or company charging money to apply fertilizer or pesticides to your landscape or lawn to have a Pesticide Applicators License. Pesticide can endanger not just humans, but also pets and the environment if misapplied. To avoid the risk of this happening, check to ensure your chosen contractor has such a license.

If your landscape contractor does construction, remodeling, or renovation projects such as retaining wall decks, walkways, or patios, they are required to be licensed under home improvement contractors.

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